Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Sophia's heart did the same thing today when she saw Jon for the first time. He was attached to Richie's side so she hadn't spoken to him yet but he looked great in his suit. Her mind was all over the place as she watched Victoria and Richie get married at a beautiful ceremony and was amazed at how great they looked together. The whole ceremony was like something from a movie with Victoria the princess finally getting her prince in Richie. They were definitely perfect for each other. The happiness of the couple kept making her thoughts go back to Jon, no matter how hard she tried to push it from her mind. She couldn't help but run through different scenarios in her head over and over again and had no idea what she was going to say to him later when she finally gets the chance to speak with him. They spoke for the first time while they were doing the wedding photo's. It was nothing more than a hello but it had been easier than she expected it to be.

The day began to fly in. Before she knew it, Sophia was sitting at the dinner table listening to Jon's speech. It was exactly the kind of speech you wanted at a wedding - happy and touching with some laughs throughout. It was half way through the meal when Sophia started scanning the room to really take in the faces of the people sitting around her. She noticed one of the women she had been drinking with last night seemed to be making eyes at someone at the table so she glanced around and realised it was Jon. He was gazing back lovingly at the woman and then it hit her. This woman was engaged to be married to Jon. That must have been one of the crucial points of conversation from last night that she missed because of the music. She felt sick all of a sudden and wanted to run from the room but her feet remained rooted to the spot. She had promised her sister she wouldn't ruin her big day. It was as she glanced round again that she realised Richie had noticed her whole revelation and mouthed to her to see if she was okay. What the hell is this guy? He'll definitely be there for my sister, he's even there for me, she thought gladly. She nodded in return. She had to be okay, there was no other option.

The music started for the bride and groom to have their first dance. They looked beautiful and so happy together and it was soon to be her time to hit the floor with Jon. She inhaled a deep breath and took the hand he was offering. He still smelled so good and her heart still fluttered at the touch of her skin to his. They danced in silence until the very end of the first song and the next began. They were about to leave the dance floor when they realised it was Love and Hate Collide that was playing. "That's our song," Jon said and pulled her back for another dance. He spent what felt like hours apologising for the way he treated her when they were together. Sophia didn't know where this was going he had definitely looked like he was here with the woman from earlier yet he was asking for another dance and apologising. "So I hear your engaged?" Sophia asked as he finally finished speaking.
"Um..yeah. I'm back with Dot. She really likes you, said you's had a great night last night. I'm really glad," Jon said trying to keep the conversation short.
"Your back with her?" Sophia added.
"Well yeah," and the will to hold back his feelings for Dot had gone, this woman sent him mad, he just had to talk about her. "We dated in high school before I got too big for my boots and she had the sense to dump me. It was actually your fault. I would have never gone back with her if it hadn't been for you. Sophia the love you showed me made me myself again. You taught me not to let pride get in the way of love and you made me a better man through our relationship. I owe everything to you. My biggest regret is hurting you. I guess love and hate really doesn't work after all. Dot's exactly as I always remembered her. Doesn't take any shit from me and lets me get on with all the showbiz crap. She really is amazing," Jon told her, full of pride and excitement until he realised Sophia looked sad. "I'm so sorry, I just keep fucking up with you. You know I loved you right?" Sophia composed herself, "Yeah, I heard you wanted to lay me down in a bed of roses," she joked. Jon looked as though he flushed red. "Did you just blush? Oh my god, that must be a record," she smiled at her accomplishment.
"You'll find a good guy someday. Infact where the hells Gerard, he actually turned out to be a good guy," Jon said turning serious after his flushing.
"It's taken us to break up and more than a year for you to finally admit he's a good guy? Jon, I really don't get you sometimes," she joked before asking the dreaded question, "So when's the wedding then?"
Jon looked as though he was calculating it all up. "Not sure yet, got the house to move into first, just bought it, a nice place back home in Jersey believe it or not. Jersey is home again after all these years." That was all she needed to hear. If the way he spoke about her wasn't enough to prove he was nuts about this Dot, his commitment of the engagement and new house definitely showed it. There was no way she was going to try and win him back now, she would only lose. He could see he had more love for this woman through one conversation than he had for her the entire time they were together. The dance ended and Sophia whispered in his ear, "I'm really happy for you both," she kissed his cheek and thanked him for the dance then watched him walk back to Dot. Goodbye Jon, she thought to herself.

Sophia felt strangely relieved after her conversation with Jon. Seeing that he had moved on seemed to have helped the situation. She went out to the empty back porch to call Rachel and update her or what happened. To her surprise Rachel was shocked at the events of the night and demanded that Sophia go back inside and fight for her man. "The best woman's already won, she's as mad about him as he is about her. It's in their eyes, the way they talk, you never saw the way they looked at each other, he's never looked at me that way before. She's a tough chick that can separate the man from the band and keep him grounded, I think they might be perfect for each other. I think he's with the right woman, I can see them dancing right now and they just fit together." Rachel finished their conversation, "I can't believe you were drinking with the enemy, you were supposed to steal him back not become drinking partners!" She said goodbye and hung up the phone. Although she was relieved to have seen Jon move on she still felt sad. It was 100% over this time for both of them. She continued to watch Jon and Dot dance until she heard a voice behind her.
"So the lady needs a dance partner, can I be of service tonight?" Sophia jumped up to hug him. "What the hell are you doing here? Your supposed to be working!"
Gerard shrugged, "Heard there was a damsel in distress at this party. Or was it damsels that need de-stressing? I'm more than willing to help relax some lovely ladies, you know me." Sophia elbowed him in the stomach before they both started laughing. "Your too good to me Gerard." They stood together watching Jon and Dot dance. "So what do you think?" Gerard asked.
"I think I might actually be over him, apart from the butterflies when I touch him," she said sounding surprised. "The butterflies never go away," Gerard insisted.
"Where's my prince, Gerard?" she asked. "Who knows? They could be right infront of us and we just can't see them yet," he offered as an explanation. "Fancy a walk?" Sophia asked. Placing her hand in his they made their way into the gardens. "So your into prince's then Gerard?" Sophia teased. "What?" he asked. "Well you said they could be infront of us, means you want one too," she joked. "Oh, Soph you crack me up, I'm definitely a ladies man. Just incase you missed all the action in our house I'll repeat that, a ladies man," he playfully pretended to throw her into the nearest plant and pulled her back and kissed her forehead as they continued hand in hand through the garden.

Chapter 34

14 Months Later

Sophia and Rachel were decorating the living room of her apartment while Gerard was away filming. While they tackled the wallpaper scraping they listened to the radio and were singing along until Bon Jovi's Bed of Roses came on. Sophia stopped what she was doing and just listened to it for the first time in almost a year. She knew Jon had wrote it for her after they broke up, he even sent her a copy of it before it was released. She had to admit that if the song wasn't related to her she would probably have loved it. Recently she had been thinking of Jon a lot. She always wondered if she had forgiven him for that night if they could have moved on and started again. Sometimes she would catch herself daydreaming about their wedding and even had thoughts about starting a family with him. The future she had wanted and often dreamed about was gone now and it was all due to her own decision on that night.

The girls packed away the decorating tools for the night and tidied up the room. Rachel found an open letter on the floor beside one of the chairs and picked it up to find out what it was. "Now girl, you've got some explaining to do! I know the wedding was soon but two days till the hen night three till you come face to face with him again. You should have mentioned it, I forgot all about it. Now I know where your heads been the past couple of weeks," Rachel rambled on.
"Yeah, I know I just didn't want to cause a fuss or anything. I'm sure it will be fine. We're both adults, it's my sisters wedding. I'm sure we can make it through one dance together as best man and bridesmaid," Sophia insisted, wondering who it was she was trying to convince. She had already arranged her travel and where to stay, all that was left to do was the final dress fit on Friday with her sister on the morning of the hen night. She was looking forward to seeing her sister again and catching up on all the gossip shes missed about the wedding. She couldn't help but admit she was worried about seeing Jon for the first time since they broke up but she wasn't going to give Rachel that satisfaction of being right tonight.

Friday arrived quicker than Sophia had expected and before she could get out of bed her sister was already barging through the door hurrying her up. Despite her pushiness, Sophia knew Victoria was the happiest she had ever been. She just wanted her wedding to go perfectly. Sophia got dressed as quickly as she could and they arrived at the dress shop before the staff had opened it. The dresses were perfect and when she saw her sister come out in hers she felt herself well up - she was so beautiful in it, Richie was going to have a heart attack when he saw her. A flowing ivory gown with a bustier top embedded with tiny crystals. Sophia's own dress was also beautiful and flowing but nothing compared to Victoria's, the dress amazed Sophia. She could tell her sister wanted to mention Jon - to make sure she wouldn't cause a scene at her wedding but she never came out and said it so Sophia did it for her. "You don't need to worry about a thing tomorrow, it's one dance and I promise I will be on my best behaviour," she said as she leaned in to hug her sister. When they arrived back at the hotel, Sophia went to get ready before they had to call round everyone to make sure they would be here in the morning to do hair and make up and anything else that had to be sorted since her sister would be staying the night with her and Jon moved in to stay with Richie. As Sophia went up the stairs she thought she spotted Jon in a hallway and her heart skipped a couple of beats only to have the disappointment or relief that it wasn't him. She quickly went back to their room and called Rachel. She finally burst out all the things she had been feeling over the last couple of weeks and they came to the conclusion that she might still be in love with him. They devised a plan that involved her taking Jon aside tomorrow night after the wedding. Sophia felt Rachel was going along with the plan just to please her as she sensed she wasn't happy about the idea of them getting back together. She closed her mind to the thoughts as she went to help her sister get ready for tonight.

They arrived at the venue after a wild limo drive that involved lots of champagne. The room really busy as they made their way to the tables reserved for them. As she sat down Sophia realised she hardly knew anyone in the room other than her own family members and a few of Victoria's close friends. She began introducing herself and tried to get to know some of them before the wedding. The names kept coming and eventually she felt she knew less names than she did before with all the confusion and trying to learn them so fast she forgot the lot. She eventually sat down in between two women that were here from Richie's side. She thought she heard them say one was a cousin of his and the other a friend who knew the whole band since years ago, it was hard to tell over the music. She began to loosen up around the two women, they were a good laugh, exactly her kind of people. They kept Sophia entertained all night. They somehow ended up escaping to the bar leaving the other guests at the table while they enjoyed some sneaky drinks. It turned out both women had recently got engaged, one had been for the last two months and the other had just been asked the week before but was keeping it quiet so not to overshadow Victoria's big day. As the talk got more love centred, Sophia made her way back to the main party for the remainder of the night. As they were leaving one of the women she had been drinking with at the bar caught her attention, "I didn't realise you were Victoria's sister, it's really nice to have finally met you. I'll see you tomorrow no doubt and tell your sister to relax, Richie sure ain't going anywhere!" Sophia said goodnight back to the woman and went to take her sister back to the hotel.

Chapter 33

Richie and Gerard exchanged another concerned look. Jon hadn't uttered a word for the last 30 minutes and they were getting worried. Richie had been trying to get him to tell them what had happened but he still sat there, head in his hands. Gerard nudged Richie out the way and planted a firm hand on Jon's shoulder yanking him up. "Would you just get over yourself and tell us what the fuck you did to her!" His voice was fierce and threatening.
"She's really upset. I...I have to find her," he said as he stood up. "But where is she? Where would she go?" Oh, I really fucked up big this time." Gerard sighed, trying to keep calm, "So what happened then?" Jon found his voice again, "I saw you with the brunette earlier, I thought it was Sophia and I lost the plot. I took some girl up to the room and she came in while we were in bed. She looked so heart broken, the hurt in her eyes was so visible and then she ran off." Jon could hear Gerard trying to keep his voice calm, he could tell he wanted to take his head off but his priority was finding Sophia. "We've got to find her," Jon said and they all nodded in agreement. "I've got an idea where she might be," Gerard said and motioned for them to follow him.

The three of them jumped into Gerard's car outside the hotel. Richie jumped in the drivers seat since he was the only sober one amongst them. They followed Gerard's directions as he told them she might be at an outdoor ice rink that was famous in this town. Richie and Jon were sceptical that they would find her here but Gerard was determined. He told them about the stories she would tell of her family at the local ice rink near their home every Christmas. He said that she used to go there when she was feeling down because it would always cheer her up. Jon couldn't think of any time she told him this story but Gerard assured him she had, he even remembered that Jon's story about the ice rink was when he broke into one in New York. "How do you remember all this stuff?" Jon asked, sounding impressed. Gerard shrugged, "Just do."

They pulled up at the side of the road near the ice rink and they spotted her sitting alone on a bench. Jon made to get out of the car and when no-one followed he asked, "You coming?" Gerard and Richie both shook their heads. "This is your funeral bud, I'm not going down with the ricochet bullet," Richie half joked.
"I'm sorry I was such a dick, Gerard. Your actually quite a good guy," Jon said as he left to speak with Sophia. He didn't know what to say to her so walked slowly and sat down on the bench beside her. "I'm so sorry Sophia," he blurted. "I saw Gerard in the bar all over some girl that looked like you and got the wrong idea and acted like a total jerk. I don't know why I did it, it just hurt seeing you with another guy. I know now that it wasn't you and I'm unbelievably sorry. Could you ever forgive me? I really don't want to lose you! I love you too much for that!" Sophia sighed before she spoke in a cold, harsh tone. "You know what hurts the most Jon. Knowing you thought I was capable of cheating. You were expecting it. I stood outside that bedroom door and I knew exactly what was going on inside it but I had to look Jon. I just had to look incase I had made some kind of mistake and that wasn't you in there with her. All it took for you to call me the guilty party was seeing some girl from the back, you never even seen her face. I knew what your lifestyle was like when I chose to date you, I knew what all the flirting was like, the long hours you spend dealing with business, the fans throwing themselves at you. I even quit my job and almost lost a friend just to please you and even forgave you for humiliating me on live t.v. but this is just too much Jon. I can't handle it, it's killing me. Everything I gave up for you and you go and fuck the nearest slut around just cause your feeling hurt. You could have came to me. I've booked a flight home for tomorrow morning so this is goodbye. I've had some wonderful times with you Jon, but I can't handle it anymore," she finished her part and the seconds they sat in silence felt like hours. Sophia stood up and her voice began to crack, "I love you with my whole heart Jon Bongiovi. Goodbye." She kissed him on the cheek and walked away, the tears flowing once more.

Jon stayed on the bench. He couldn't focus, he wanted to run after her, to change her mind, to prove her could change but his legs or lips couldn't seem to follow the command. He was frozen to the spot. Forced to believe this relationship was over. His eyes welled up and the stream began to flow. He sat on the bench until dawn, a broken man. Richie or Gerard never came for him, they left him to take it all in. No-one disturbed him as people began to pass on their way to work or with their dogs, he was alone despite all the people around him.

Chapter 32

Sophia woke up the next morning with her phone ringing. She heard Jon moan as she slid out of bed to answer the call. It was Gerard, he had heard she was in Town and wanted to come down and see her since he was passing through. It was just what Sophia needed to see a friendly face and she wasn't too convinced that he had been passing through today. It seemed a little more than coincidence that the day he chooses to visit is the day after Jon hits newspapers for kissing a woman other than his girlfriend but she gave him the benefit of the doubt. If he was lying she'd know when she see's him and put him straight. They arranged to meet in the hotel for dinner at 5pm. That would give both of them time to get things sorted beforehand and enjoy the rest of the night catching up. She said goodbye and hung up the phone before deciding to get ready instead of going back to bed. Gerard's call had brightened up the start of her day so she wasn't willing to ruin it so fast by waking Jon up to tell him about it. She left a note and went shopping instead.

Jon woke up late, his head pounding in the aftermath of last nights drinking. The last thing he wanted to hear was Sophia's news of dinner with Gerard. As if the hangover wasn't bad enough he would need to spend the day pretending to like this guy. As dinnertime approached they both got dressed and headed down to meet Gerard. Sophia decided on her little red dress with a low cut back while Jon threw on a pair of jeans and a blue shirt. As Jon expected, Gerard was already at the table as they arrived and greeted them with an over-enthusiastic welcome. Jon's attention wandered as Sophia and Gerard recapped on what they had been up to over the past few months. It wasn't as bad an experience as he had anticipated, but certainly wasn't a bundle of laughs. As soon as dinner was over he excused himself to sit with some of the crew in the bar. He wasn't best pleased with leaving Sophia alone with Gerard but he couldn't stand his company any longer. Two hours and a good few drinks later, Jon noticed Gerard at the other side of the bar. He angled himself so he could get a better view as he looked for Sophia but didn't like what he saw. Just as he had found a clear view he saw Gerard with his lips locked on Sophia's, his hands tracing down her almost bare back that was revealed by the dress. Jon was in shock, although he had suspected it, he never thought they would be this careless. Was she getting back at me? He didn't know but was more than willing to take it out on the pretty young blond already drooling over him. Without a word he took her by the hand and led her out of the bar.

Sophia headed back to the hotel room, she had spent half the night looking for Jon since Gerard had found himself some new entertainment while they were catching up and didn't want to get in the way. She thought he would be in the bar with the rest of the guys but by time she arrived he had left. She even stopped by Richie and Tico's rooms to find out if they had seen him but no-one knew where he was. Running out of ideas she decided to head back to her room to see if Jon's hangover had gotten the better of him and had gone to bed. She quietly slid the door open so she wouldn't wake him. Once inside she could hear noise coming from the bedroom and then noticed two glasses of wine and a trail of clothing leading to a closed door. She knew exactly what was happening but something drove her forward as if she wouldn't truly believe it until she could witness it with her own eyes. She pushed the door open, disturbing the couple and stood there frozen. The voice that spoke didn't sound like her own, it was further away and weak, "Jon?" the distant word that seemed to clear the mist in her mind. "Just for the fans, eh Jon?" The realisation hit her and she whirled on her feet, running for the door, the tears pouring down her face. Her mascara creating dark tracks where the tears had flowed.

Jon couldn't believe how badly Sophia had taken it, "What was she expecting after messing around with him? Yes honey, we can have him round at weekends as your little fuck buddy and I'll wait quietly for my turn?" He was on so much of a rant pacing through the hotel room that the girl he had just taken to bed had gathered her things and slid out the door without him noticing. He poured himself another drink and calmed down enough to stop ranting. He decided the best option was to sit at the bar and get drunk. Richie eventually took the seat beside Jon and ordered up a coke. "What's up with your face?" he asked Jon after realising he was in a mood. Jon just shrugged his shoulders and stared into his glass again. He only took notice when he heard Richie greet Gerard who had just came through the door. "Hey! Where's that little brunette with the red dress gone that I saw you with earlier? She was a real hot..." Jon stood up, "What the fuck are you playing at? You think you can just have her? She was mine!" Gerard was taken by surprise and his expression of confusion almost mirrored Richie's before his turned to anger.
"I don't know what your problem is mate, but take it out on someone else. And could you stop calling Sophia yours, that girl doesn't belong to anyone, you just treat her like a possession, so don't start on me," Gerard roared in his Scottish accent.
"What did you say?" Jon turned to Richie as Gerard finished speaking. His eyes were wide in horror as he seemed to think Richie had told him something and he completely ignored Gerard. Richie and Gerard exchanged a concerned glance. "Jon it was Gerard who spoke just there, you feeling okay?" Richie asked.
"He's lost his marbles!" Gerard said as Jon continued to stare wide eyed at Richie.
"Before him, about him. The girl in the red dress. Who was she?" Jon rushed his words.
"Some chick Gerard picked up in the bar," Richie answered. "The same dress as Sophia's? Red and backless?" Jon urged. Richie looked at Gerard for the answer. "Yeah, that's how we got talking, Sophia spoke to her first about the dress, why?" Gerard still looked confused. Jon looked like he had been hit by a bus. He sank back into his chair and put his head in his hands. "Richie, I've fucked up, big time," he barely whispered, his voice cracking.

Chapter 31

The silence that fell on the room made Sophia feel sick. The realisation of what Jon had just done seemed to have hit the rest of the viewers in the bar and Sophia felt like all eyes were on her. She was only vaguely aware that she was moving as Richie guided her our of the bar and up to his room. She sat on one of the chairs in silence and could hear Richie on the phone to Jon, "You've got a lot of explaining to do bud. You've really fucked up so hurry your ass back here." He sat down opposite Sophia and asked if she was okay. "Yeah, I think so. I was just taken by surprise. Wasn't really expecting that to happen," she mumbled. "Did he really do that for fans or was there something else to it? I'm a little confused here Richie. He wanted me here to keep an eye on me but he's allowed to go kissing whoever he wants on t.v. as long as it's for the fans sake." Richie shuffled in his seat, clearly uncomfortable with the situation. "Yeah, that's not fair but I don't think he did it to hurt you. You know Jon, a real crowd pleaser. Sometimes doesn't realise there are limits."

Jon knocked on Richie's door feeling nervous. He hadn't realised Sophia would have taken the kiss so badly. It was only a bit of entertainment, the kind of things the fans love to see. Hell, that's why he was on the show to get them noticed and get some publicity. Although he didn't realise it may have backfired on him when swarms of journalists outside the studio were branding him a cheat and coming up with all sorts of stories of how he had broken up with Sophia. The newspapers would definitely make an interesting read tomorrow. Richie let Jon in but he barely acknowledged his presence as he rushed towards Sophia. He heard the door click as Richie slid outside. "I'm so sorry babe. I thought it would be fun for the fans. I never considered you'd be mad," he said as he threw his arms around her. "You really think this is about me being mad now? I can't believe you never considered how I would feel! Do you know how stupid you've made me look! 'Hey, look theres that girl that lets her boyfriend run around with other women.' Great Jon, thanks for that," she shrugged out of his embrace. Jon continued to apologise until Sophia began to calm down. "You know I've got to sell the idea of the band, everything I do is for us, babe. I flirt with all the female interviewers, you know that. I know now that I went too far today and I promise I will never do that again. I love you, Sophia," he said and she melted to his charm and accepted.

They went back to their room to let Richie into his again and get ready for tonight's party. They had only a few days left here and were going to make the most of it before the next gig so they had arranged a big party for all the crew. Sophia wasn't really in the mood for a party but knew Jon had been looking forward to it and now that they had sorted things out she didn't see the harm in going. It would be the best time to show people they were still together after Jon's antics today. She hated the camera's but for one night only she was willing to put on a show for them and that required looking her best so as soon as she had dinner she started to get ready. Jon was patiently waiting as she applied the finishing touches to her make up and they made their way to the car hand in hand and smiling at the photographers waiting outside the hotel. Well, he certainly got the publicity he wanted, Sophia thought as she smiled her way through the experience.

Inside the club where the party was being held has an enthusiastic atmosphere. Everyone was looking for a good night tonight and even Jon himself was eager to let his hair down. He found them seats in beside Richie and some of the crew before going to get some drinks in for them. He didn't know if it was his imagination but he felt as though Sophia was watching him suspiciously all night, especially when he began chatting to two beautiful girls at the bar while he waited on the drinks. He decided he would ignore it for now, tonight was going to be enjoyable, no matter who wanted to ruin it.

Chapter 30

Two months had passed since Sophia had joined the band on tour and it had been a great two months. She saw her sister regularly and got to learn how the tour went from one place to the next. Jon watched her everytime someone explained a part of the tour process to her. She was so interested and always wanted to help out rather than watch. He loved the expressions she made when she was busy and loved how well she got on with the rest of the band. "Alright bud, hows it going?" Richie asked as he joined Jon.
"It's great, shes great, we're great. I'm having the best tour of my life right now," Jon beamed.
"Yeah that's a great girl you got there, not many as independant as her would give up their job to keep you happy," Richie stated.
"The woman does more work around here than half the crew," Jon chuckled, "Yeah shes one of a kind. Still can't believe she's mine."
"I know how you feel. We're two lucky sons of bitches. I'm going to ask Victoria to marry me," Richie grinned. Jon looked surprised, "Really? Well good luck bud, that's great news! When you gonna do it?" Richie thought for a moment, "I'm not sure yet. I'm gonna ask Sophia her opinion on some rings first, need to have it perfect. The ring, the time, the place. I'm gonna get it all sorted." Jon patted him on the back. "Couldn't be happier for you bud!"

Sophia was sitting by the window of the hotels main entrance when she noticed Richie approach. "What you doing out here on your own?" He asked as he sat down beside her.
"I'm scribling. Tico's fault. He said it's a great hobby so thought I'd give it a go," she explained.
"You really bored enough to take Tico's advice?" Richie joked.
Sophia elbowed him. "Be nice. Not bored just Jon's got a lot on his plate with all that business stuff think it's best to get out his way. Don't want to annoy the rest of you's by being a pain in the ass everytime Jon's unavailable."
"You can be a pain in our asses any day girl, your one of us now," Richie reassured her. He started shuffling in his chair and Sophia new exactly what was coming. "Sophia, would you mind...well, I was just wondering...well actually I need your help..." Sophia giggled before saying, "You want the white gold one with the one fancy diamond." Richie looked stunned. "What? How do you? I'm lost." Sophia laughed again. "I've got a lot of time on my hands and I noticed exactly what you were up to. You narrowed it down to three and I agree with they three. The yellow gold with the multiple diamonds, the yellow gold with the giant diamond and the white gold with the one diamond. She'd go for the white gold because she likes to be different but the one diamond because she doesn't like things over the top. But you already knew that, that's why it's circled in your magazine. It's perfect." Richie looked at the floor for a minute, "I'm amazed. You didn't tell her did you? I knida wanted it to be a surprise." Sophia shook her head, "No way. I can't wait for you to ask her. You two were made for each other." Richie beamed as he got up to start planning his moment and thanked Sophia for her help.

Jon got dressed for his interview he would be doing later in the day and decided to head down to the hotel bar where the other guys were going to watch some football. He was feeling refreshed today after a good nights sleep and had some good business news so he joyfully jumped into the seat next to Richie. "Who the hells that guy?" Tico nodded in Jon's direction and asked Dave. "Appears to be some overly happy fucker I've never met before, Tico," Dave replied. All three of them exchanged surprised glances before shrugging their shoulders and ordering up a round of drinks and a cola for Richie. The guys updated him on the game so far and they made the most of Jon's good mood. It was unusual for Jon to drink during the day, especially before an interview but he felt like kicking back and relaxing since the interview was the only thing he had left to do today. He got word that his car had arrived to take him to the studio. Just as he went to leave he met Sophia coming into the bar and planted a huge kiss on her which made her blush and shouted goodbye to everyone.

"Where's he off to in such a good mood?" Sophia asked as she jumped into the seat Jon had previously occupied. "Off to an interview, we're gonna watch it in here since it's apparently live," Richie informed her before asking the bar man to change the channel. They didn't have to wait long before the show started and along came Jon's appearance. He was only there to plug the tour and the new single but he was going all out today. He was joking around with the interviewer and having more fun than he normally did during these things. Sophia could tell he had been drinking but it wasn't obvious enough for others to notice. The four of them were cheering Jon on, his mood being infectious today. Then came the part Sophia hadn't been expecting no matter how much Jon had to drink. The interviewer mentioned how much of a fan the weather girl was and asked him if he would give her a birthday kiss. Jon obliged and instead of giving the woman a polite kiss he went in full on. Sophia could hear Dave and Tico cheer Jon on but she couldn't focus on anything for the shock of what she had just witnessed on live t.v. It had took her a couple of minutes to realise that her hand was in Richie's and he was speaking, "You know he didn't mean that right? He wouldn't do anything to hurt you. That was clearly just for publicity," She knew Richie was just trying to defend his friend but in that moment she didn't believe a word he said.

Chapter 29

Jon was pacing up and down the hallway after the show. Richie had told Dave and Tico to take the first car and Jon and him would take the second. Just like Richie to offer up our ride when I want out of here, Jon thought.
"Hey Jon, the car's here for us," Richie shouted from the back entrance to the stadium. About time too, Jon thought as he made his way out of the building. Once they were inside the car, Jon noticed Richie was behaving oddly. He hardly spoke a word but sat there grinning like an idiot. "Hey, you've gone the wrong way driver," Jon raised his voice as he realised they had just passed their hotel. "It's cool Jon, he knows where to go," Richie grinned.
"You lost your marbles, Richie? We've just passed the hotel," Jon said, his tone between confusion and worry.
"No hotel for you tonight bud. Nope, no hotel where your going," Richie replied, trying his best not to let him know where they were going or even more so, who he was about to see. He decided on not speaking for the rest of the journey and just ignored Jon's complaints. The car finally stopped at the end of the harbour. "This is your stop bud," Richie beamed. "Best not keep the lady waiting."

Sophia heard the car pull up outside the boat and gave herself one last check in the mirror before she made her way out to meet him. She couldn't believe how nervous she felt and she had only been away from him for a couple of days. She watched from the shadows as Jon started chasing after the car that was leaving and suppressed a giggle. She waited just a few more moments before stepping out into the lights of the silent harbour. "You look a little lost there honey, anything I can do for you?" She for some reason decided to speak in a British accent. She was sure Jon was about to shout at her before he turned and realised it was her who had spoken. "Sophia?" he asked, his mouth wide but his eyes wider. She moved towards him in a sexy strut, a confidence she had gained by wearing this revealing dress that Gerard convinced her would work for their reunion. She planted her lips on his in a passionate embrace, pulling away only to say "who else?" this time in her own accent. She pulled on his shirt collar as she led him into the boat and away from the prying eyes of the supposedly sleeping occupants on the neighbouring boats. She wasn't entirely sure if Jon was okay with her being here but she knew he was already caught up in the moment, the rest could wait until morning.

Jon's eyes almost vacated his head when he realised he was looking at Sophia, standing infront of him wearing a dress that was barely there. She looked so good in it, her curves accentuated in all the right places. All he wanted to do was rip off the remainder of the dress and claim her body as his own. He could feel his heart begin to race even before she kissed him. As she led him by the shirt onto the boat the questions came flooding to him, why was she here? Is she staying? She doesn't want to know why I was such a dick on the phone? If she's leaving me, it's a funny way to do it. But the questions disappeared as he witnessed the rose petals spread out on the floor and the dinner table already set out and waiting for them. Confusion hit first as she pulled him past the table and followed more petals. Then with a wide eyed expression and a grin he realised he wasn't getting any dinner tonight. Sophia clearly wasn't hungry, well not for food it was clear to see. She was leading him straight to the bedroom. She opened the door to reveal a bed covered in rose petals, the smell filling the air as she let go of his shirt and lay on the bed. Her eyes tracing every inch of his body as she waited for him to come to her. He threw off his shirt and kicked off his shoes as he wrapped himself around her on the bed. He was about to speak when he felt her warm touch to his lips. "Shh. Not tonight Jon," she said before replacing her finger with her lips on his.

Morning came too soon for Sophia. She knew there would be things to talk about but she wasn't going to start the topic. Last night was too perfect to be ruined so soon. She could feel Jon watching her before she opened her eyes, how long had he been staring at me while I slept? She finally opened her eyes, unable to hold off the morning any longer. Jon looked wide awake and wished her good morning with a deep lingering kiss. She could tell there was something on his mind and knew exactly what it was. "Room for one more on this tour?" she asked him with a hopeful expression. The smile, that very smile she loved appeared and that was answer enough for her. He followed by kissing her passionately. His hands reached out to pick up a bundle of petals as he removed the covers to reveal their naked bodies intertwined and let the petals fall on her. She could feel her heart begin to race as his hands reached for her breasts, caressing them with a tenderness she never knew he was capable of. She welcomed his touch, talk was just going to have to wait.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Chapter 28

Sophia sat silently after putting down the phone. The anger in Jon's voice was so powerful it made her feel guilty for something she didn't even do.
"That was short and sweet", Gerard said as he came back into the room. "Loverboy in a hurry?"
Sophia hesitated before speaking, "He wasn't himself. Infact he was extremely pissed off at me and made excuses to get off the phone," she said before breaking down and letting the tears spill. Gerard looked shocked - the last thing he was expecting was her being upset. He wanted to head for the door but found his feet heading towards Sophia and settled down beside her.
"Is that my fault?" Gerard asked as he gently placed his hand on her arms in an attempt to comfort her. She was barely audible through her tears. "It shouldn't have anything...he's being me." He wasn't exactly sure how the words were supposed to go but he got the point, Sophia's relationship was in jeopardy because of her friendship with him. He sat silently assessing the situation while Sophia sobbed in his arms. Eventually he started to speak, "Well this is all my fault so how about I move into a hotel for a while, until you find yourself somewhere else to stay." Sophia looked confused before gathering her senses and shouting at him. "There's no chance in hell I'm letting you move out of your own apartment. Don't be so stupid! This is my mess, I'll figure it out. Plus I like living with you, it's fun. I just need to find a way to get Jon to trust us. Let me think it over," she said as she got up and headed for the door. A long walk would clear her head.

Jon was fuming. He couldn't contain his anger and it was starting to frustrate the rest of the band. Tico had begun eyeing up his drumsticks as though they were deadly weapons that could be of some use tonight. Dave seemed confused at hearing Jon was having trouble with women and took every opportunity to poke fun at him, "The mighty Jon brought to his knees by a woman, classic! Sambora grab the camera, this ones a keeper!" This didn't help his mood any as Richie tried to convince him there was nothing going on between Sophia and Gerard. It was a waste of energy on Richie's part, there was no telling Jon tonight. Everyone was glad when it finally came time to hit the stage and Jon Bongiovi became Jon Bon Jovi. It was the first time since he got together with Sophia that the band welcomed the return of the star and were glad to be free of the real him. Richie watched in awe as Jon was able to block out all the things that were troubling him and put on his face for tonight's show. No matter how many times he witnessed this transformation Richie was always amazed. Jon seemed to be able to pull all the best aspects of his personality together to create a star quality that rivalled the greatest frontmen of all time. All through the show he gave it his all, This is what he lives for, Richie thought as they left the stadium, he just hoped Jon would be in a better place tomorrow.

"Are you nuts!" Rachel screamed at Sophia who was sitting just yards away. "The guy phones up all pissed off with something you haven't done and you want to quit the job you've just started to go on tour with him. Girl, are you felling okay?" Sophia shifted in her chair. She didn't know what kind of reaction to expect from Rachel, however it was Gerard's reaction that shocked her. "Well what are you waiting for? Get packed", was all he had said when she broke the news. It was the only way she felt things would work out between her and Jon. She would tour with them and then convince Jon to move in with her and Gerard so they would get to know each other. As far as she was concerned it was a win-win situation. She got to keep the man she loves and her friend. As she got packed to leave she couldn't help but ask Gerard why he wanted her to go. She waited until Rachel went to get them something to eat before confronting him and was surprised by his reason. There was more to this man than she first thought, making her more eager to keep him as a friend. "I think your doing the right thing. You love this guy, anyone can see that. Your choosing the right path where I chose the wrong one. A couple of years ago I left the woman I loved for my career. Turns out it was one of my biggest mistakes. I could have had it all but I fucked it up. Don't you do the same. Oh and if you ever repeat that, I'll kill you," he said with a wink and a grin and got back to helping with the packing. "And here I thought you were just a big man-whore," Sophia joked. They had a quiet meal together before the three of them set off for the airport to see her off. "I'll be on the phone whenever you need me girl," Rachel shouted as they watched her go. "Do what you gotta do, Soph," Gerard shouted after her. She could hear them squabble as she went. "Your a bad influence on her Butler! Don't you think I don't know you had some part in this mad plan," Rachel accused. "Me? A bad influence? Never," Gerard replied. Sophia couldn't help but giggle. It was a mad plan, but one she hoped would work out.

Jon's mood was only slightly better when he arrived at the stadium the next day. The constant grumbling was replaced by a silent moping for the best part of the afternoon. He was also becoming increasingly annoyed by Richie's overly happy attitude today. He seemed to be swanning around giving Jon the impression that he knew something that Jon didn't or was it just his imagination? Richie could see Jon getting more irritated by his mood and found it increasingly difficult not to spill his secret, afterall he did promise Sophia he wouldn't let him have any idea she was coming to join them. It was the best news he had in a long time and he knew it would mean the end of Jon's bad moods. He did the best he could at arranging the plan Sophia had set for him. He had found a driver to deliver Jon to the harbour after tonight's show and had been to set up the boat himself before picking Sophia up from the airport. It was a difficult task getting things done without Jon's knowledge but so far he had managed it. Now all that was left to do was keep his mouth shut.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Chapter 27

Sophia was eagerly awaiting Jon's knock on the apartment door. He should have arrived 30 minutes ago. The knock finally arrived and she flew the door open and jumped into his arms. She was sure he had looked miserable at first but the second time she looked at him he had that smile back again, that same one that made her weak at the knees every time. He studied the apartment silently for a minute while Sophia waited for any kind of response to her new place. She didn't get one. Jon told her to sit down and explained that he now only had two days to spend with her since thier tour had gained some extra dates at short notice. Sophia was instantly brought out of her happy mood on hearing the news. She had hoped they could do a lot of things together in the next two weeks. They continued to talk until they were interrupted by Gerard and a girl emerging from his bedroom and showing her out. "You dirty boy! Isn't that the girl from the other nights sister?" Sophia asked as Gerard raided the fridge and shouted hello to Jon at the same time. "She doesn't mind, her sisters coming back tonight," Gerard grinned as he made his way back to his bedroom. "You know I think he's got the right idea," Jon said as he swept Sophia up and headed to the bedroom.

Jon woke up before Sophia the next morning. His head was still full of the visions he was having about Gerard and Sophia and the jealousy was eating at him. Tomorrow he would be on tour and she would be here with him. When Sophia finally woke up they got dressed and headed to the kitchen to make some breakfast. Gerard passed them with another girl whom Jon assumed was yesterdays girls sister. His behaviour reminded him of himself not that long ago and that worried him even more. Gerard joined them in the kitchen to make himself some toast that he took away with him. “Does that guy own a shirt? That’s two days in a row he’s been running around topless”, Jon said as he searched for the milk. Sophia laughed. “Has Jonny-boy got a man crush?” she teased. Jon went red, “He’s just so….” he trailed off unable to think of what to say. “Jon, look at me.” Sophia said as she placed her hands on each side of his face. “I’m not interested in Gerard, it’s you I love so there’s no need to be jealous.” Jon felt his face flush red again. “I’m not jealous, who said that? I’ll kill that Sambora!” Sophia laughed again, “So you are jealous then? Well, don’t worry, Gerard’s leaving tonight anyway.” These words brightened his mood. “You mean Sambora didn’t spill the beans?” Jon asked. “Honey, you done that yourself,” Sophia giggled.

Sophia watched as Jon’s plane took off from the airport. It was going to be a long time before she would see him again and was already looking forward to the phone call he had promised her tomorrow afternoon. It felt like a really long journey home in the car without Jon and she wasn’t looking forward to being stuck in the apartment alone tonight after saying goodbye to the man she loves, not knowing when she’ll next see him. When she got to the apartment she was surprised to find the door already open as she had been sure she locked it. She stepped inside warily looking around for any sign of a disturbance and screamed when she saw Gerard walk out of the bathroom. When he finally finished laughing at her, he managed to explain that his work that was due to start tomorrow had been delayed indefinitely and they sent him home from the airport. Sophia felt unusually grateful for the hold up as Gerard proved to be a should for her to cry on while she told him about how much she was going to miss Jon. She expected him to laugh at her for acting so girly but he was exactly the friend she needed right now, he even cancelled his last minute date to stay in and watch a movie with her while they swapped tales of their lives. It was a distraction she was grateful for.

The next day Jon woke up in his hotel room early and couldn’t wait for noon to arrive to make the call to Sophia. He dialled the number of the apartment and waited for an answer. Someone lifted the phone and he could hear Sophia laughing as a male voice finished a joke before answering. He knew it was Gerard and he also knew he was supposed to be out of town and hearing them laugh like that filled him with rage. He tried as calmly as he could to ask for Sophia and Gerard politely passed over the phone. The two of them spoke for a while, Jon trying to disguise his anger but he couldn’t resist asking, “I thought Gerard was leaving for work last night?” Sophia didn’t think he would have remembered and so was caught off guard by the question, “Yeah, he was at the airport and got a call telling him to go home, filming was delayed or something.” Jon snorted, yeah that sounds believable. He made an excuse to hang up and said goodbye. Well, they weren’t half caught out there! Why lie that he was leaving if there was nothing going on? He thought to himself.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Chapter 26

Sophia was on her break, staring out of the window when she saw Jon pull up in a car. She couldn't believe he was finally here, it felt like ages since she last saw him and when she spoke to him on the phone it had sounded like he wasn't going to have time to make the trip to see her while he was in Chicago. She almost threw her coffee away as she jumped up from her seat and ran out the door to meet Jon, bouncing into his arms for a long lingering kiss. "I'm on a flying visit, couldn't get any time off but we can spend a couple of weeks together in New York soon. You've got time off and so do I before the tour starts," Jon explained as he put Sophia back down. "That's great! I can show you my new apartment then. Although I haven't really seen it myself yet but that's the plan anyway," Sophia said to a confused looking Jon. "Yeah, I landed the job on that TV show, means I'll be needed much longer this time so had to find a permanent place at short notice," she explained. "Hey, Tallarico, where's the fire?" a tall man shouted in a gruff voice from the doorway she had just left. "Oh Jon this is Gerard Butler, he's the lead in the movie and my new flatmate. Gerard this is Jon," Sophia introduced the two men. "Ah Jon, I've heard a lot about you, good to finally meet you," Gerard said as he shook Jon's hand.

Jon didn't know how to feel. His girlfriend was moving in with some other guy while he was going on tour. "Aye, she's going to move in with me for a bit, I won't be there most of the time but the apartments in a great place for her work and the best you'll find at such short notice," Gerard told Jon. "That's nice of you," Jon said, unsure of anything else to say that wouldn't lead to him punching this guy. He decided to stay calm, getting angry would only upset Sophia and if she trusted this guy then surely he should trust her judgement, right? His mind was in overdrive, he had never felt such jealousy before. "Well, I'll get out of you two lovebirds way. Nice meeting you and I'll catch you later Tallarico," Gerard said before excusing himself to talks to a group of fans at the entrance. Well that's a good sign, he didn't want to join us for lunch, Jon tried to convince himself without letting on to Sophia that he was bothered by the man. Taking a deep breath, he lifted Sophia up and placed her inside the car as he whisked her off for a romantic lunch. He had spent most of the night organising it since he knew the time would be limited with the press schedule but he had managed to pull it off and they enjoyed a beautiful meal together. Jon's mood dropped again when he took Sophia back to the set to find Gerard surrounded by a group of beautiful women. His goodbye was as warm as he could manage after seeing the man his girlfriend would be living with and they parted ways once more.

Sophia was looking for the phone within minutes of returning to the set. She had to get Rachel's opinion of Jon's behaviour. She picked up on the third ring. "Hello there, girlfriend," Rachel said, instantly recognising her voice. Sophia quickly retold what had happened with her and Jon. Rachel laughed when she had finished. "Girl, how did you expect him to act? You just told him you were moving in with one of the sexiest men on the planet, not to mention a total womaniser, he was hardly going to love that idea. I can see why Jon's worried." Sophia never considered jealously as the behaviour he was showing today. "Well Gerry won't be there much anyway and he should know me enough to know I'd never cheat on him especially not with someone like Gerry. He's just not my type and his womanising ways are such a turn off," Sophia protested. "Your one weird woman Sophia! I would be more than tempted sharing a place with that guy, what a body he has!" Rachel laughed. "You are one crazy lady," Sophia told her before hanging up the phone.

Jon had done the exact same thing when he got back to his car. He called Richie and arranged to meet him earlier than planned so he could get his view on things. Jon explained to him how he reacted and that he was worried about what could happen while he was on tour. Richie tried to convince him it was all in his head, there was no way Sophia would cheat on him. "She's a strong woman Jon, you should know that more than anyone, it was one of the things that drew you to her. If he tries anything on, you know she'll put him in his place. She loves you. Even I can see that but if it still gets to you, you should tell her about it. At least wait till you see her at the apartment in a few weeks before you have a full scale breakdown over this guy," Richie told him. Jon thought about it for a while and decided Richie was right, there is no need to worry about this, is there?

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Chapter 25

Six weeks later Jon found himself sitting at his dining room table surrounded with Sophia, Richie and Victoria. This had become a regular thing ever since they returned from New Jersey but tonights meal would be their last together for a while as they were all due to leave for work the next day. Jon and Richie were starting the ball rolling with t.v. interviews for their new album that was going to take them all over the country in the next few weeks. Victoria had found herself a permanent job in LA and Sophia was heading to a movie set in Chicago for her next job. Jon wasn't sure what it would be like to leave Sophia for so long since they had been so close recently. He ate his food silently while studying Sophia for any signs that she was feeling the same way. He couldn't help but notice the difference between Victoria and Richie's behaviour compared with himself and Sophia. Victoria and Richie seemed to savour every moment together before they had to leave in the morning while there seemed to be a lack of any kind of feeling between him and Sophia. Was he imagining this? He wondered. It was then that the panic hit him. He couldn't come to any other conclusion but that she was going to leave him.

"Hey, Jon! You okay? Looks like you just seen a ghost," Richie said. Sophia moved her attention to Jon, he was sitting with his mouth hanging open as though something astonishing had been revealed only to him. Sophia couldn't help but giggle, "Please share, it looks like it's gonna be interesting." Jon shot a glance at all three of them that Richie interpreted as a signal to leave as he made excuses for his and Victoria's departure. Sophia turned serious, "Did I miss something here?" Jon took a while before he spoke, "Are you breaking up with me?" Sophia looked dumbstruck, "No, I wasn't planning to. Is that what you want?"
"Hell no! I just thought you were being a bit off tonight and with us both leaving in the morning and then I was watching Vic and Richie and we were nothing like them tonight and..." Jon continued to babble. "Wow, hold it right there, since when have we ever been like they two? I'm not going anywhere tonight so your stuck with me," Sophia said as she moved in to kiss Jon and found the way to the bedroom.

Jon wrapped his arms around Sophia's naked body as they lay in bed. "I'm sorry about earlier, I don't know what I was thinking. I just going to miss you in the next few weeks and then theres the tour after that. I'll be away for ages," he whispered in her ear. Sophia lay her head on his chest, "You know I'm gonna miss you too but you have to come and see me in Chicago when you get the chance and we have the phone to keep in touch. I'll be glued to that." Jon held her tight, "You know, you are amazing. You've gave me back my passion for music that I love rather than writing stuff I don't care about. Even Richie and the guys noticed the difference when we were writing and they love the new album too. I just hope the fans will like it." Sophia giggled, "Ofcourse the fans will like it! You could probably wear a grass skirt and do the hula and they would still love it!" Jon snorted, "I was being serious." Sophia laughed again, "Yeah and so was I." Jon couldn't help but laugh at her, she had put him into a playful mood now and decided to tickle her. She gave as good as she got and rested her head back on his chest when they calmed down again. "Seriously though. The music is great, even I like it this time, it shows when music comes from the heart and what I like about this album is how truthful it is." Jon wrapped his arms around her waist as they drifted off to sleep.

Sophia shot out of bed when she woke up, they had slept in. She was throwing the remainder of her clothes into a suitcase and bags while trying to get dressed and attempting to wake Jon up. If he didn't hurry he was going to miss his flight. Eventually he got up and started grumping about and fixing his own case. He really wasn't the happiest person to be around in the morning and if he missed his flight the temper was only going to get worse. Sophia almost threw his coffee at him as she continued to frantically complete all tasks at the same time. The taxi had turned up at the door before they had even got shoes on, causing Jon to curse and shout. They threw thier stuff in the back and made their way to the airport. With the time being short their goodbye was short and sweet as Jon grabbed his bag and only just made it on time. Sophia was waiting for the call to board the plane when she got a text from Jon that made her day: Richie's just raided my bag looking for my ipod only to find a collection of fancy ladie's underwear. I've lifted your bag instead and now the fucker's gonna have me known as the cross dressing rockstar at all these interviews. Please feel my pain as I suffer the teasing from him for the rest of my life. Sophia couldn't control her laugh as she made her way to the departure gate thinking about Richie teasing Jon, knowing it's not something he would forget anytime soon. She text him back: Well thank you for having me carted away by the men in white coats! I'm getting funny looks since your last text as caused me to be unable to stop laughing.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Chapter 24

Sophia made her way to the nearest hotel she could find. It wasn’t anything fancy as she had only the money in her purse with her. She sat in the room they had given her and stared at the phone for a long time. Should she call her sister and tell her what really happened with Richie all those months ago? She continued to imagine all the outcomes of telling her the truth. She didn’t know if they would still get along after all this time apart but she felt she had a right to know. Now came the tricky part, how was she supposed to track her sister down? She hadn’t seen her since the day she walked out and didn’t even know if she would answer her call, especially if she had heard about her and Jon being together. She tried her sisters cell phone first but got no answer. After trying her parents home and a couple of friends she eventually tracked down the number of the place she was staying. Her sister picked up on the third ring. At first Sophia was silent, unsure how to break the news to her but she plucked up the courage to speak and started off by having as normal a conversation as she could manage. The words seemed to flow easily as she had quickly told Victoria what had happened without giving it much thought. Victoria seemed relieved to finally find out why Richie had went so mad. Sophia could hear the hope build in her sisters voice as she continued to speak. She couldn’t help but suggest that she get on a flight to New Jersey and come to see Richie herself and explain. “You really think I should?” Victoria asked. “I wouldn’t know where to start after all this time.” Sophia laughed, her sister hadn’t changed at all, “Well you can at least come down and see what happens.”
“I’m on the next flight out!” Victoria replied as the connection went dead.

Jon stood outside Richie’s house. He couldn’t believe he was about to do this. He was really going to tell his best friend that it was his fault for the terrible things he had been going through the last few months. As he made the last few steps towards the door, he was startled when it opened from the inside. “What the hell you doing bud? The neighbours will be thinking the local loony’s escaped from the nuthouse, you’ve been out here for ages.” Richie said with a worried expression on his face. Jon felt the sweat start to pour from his face, how was he going to tell him this? “I’ve got something big I need to tell you, Richie. Mind if I come in?” Richie stepped aside to let Jon past and followed him into the living room. “Is it that bad?” Richie asked after watching a silent Jon get more and more worked up about something. “It was all an accident. I didn’t know, if I had known it wouldn’t have happened and then we would all be great right now but it did and I’m sorry bud, I’m so sorry,” Jon blurted out in one breath. “Whoa, reverse the train up the tracks a little bud, I don’t speak that language,” Richie said, his eyes wide at Jon’s behaviour. “You know what I was saying about the nuthouse earlier, it was just a joke.” Jon composed himself enough to tell him the whole story about what really happened with Victoria. He was shocked by Richie’s reaction. When he finished explaining Richie almost gleefully shouted, “I knew she wasn’t like that! We have to find her. I want to see her.” Having just escaped without as much as a scratch, Jon was more than willing to help his friend. They spent most of the night calling people up to find Victoria, eventually getting an address for her. Jon booked Richie onto the next available flight before finally crashing out on the couch.

Sophia was at the airport in plenty of time for her sisters arrival. She had gotten up early to go pick up some new clothes to wear from the local shops since hers were still at Jon’s. She knew she would have to see him soon enough but wanted to delay that meeting as long as possible. She didn’t know how she felt about him now, would he really keep the truth from Richie? If he had then there was no way she was ever going to have anything to do with him again. It would be difficult but if he wasn’t willing to tell him, she didn’t want to know the man. Despite her decision she couldn’t help hoping he would be a decent enough person to admit what had happened to Richie. All she could do was hope. Victoria’s plane finally landed and she came bouncing through the doors with a tiny suitcase in tow. Sophia threw her arms around her sister. She was the same shy person she had always been and began questioning why she had bothered coming as soon as she opened her mouth. “Shut up and walk,” Sophia laughed as they headed for the exit. It was then that Sophia realised she was talking to herself. She turned to find Victoria in Richie’s arms as they shared a kiss. She spotted Jon standing nearby looking uncomfortable.

Jon spent ages apologising to Victoria and Richie who both waved him away as though it was nothing and they made their way towards Sophia. “So you finally grew a pair?” Sophia teased Jon as they approached. Jon pulled her aside and continued the apologies, saying he was sorry for all the things he had said the night before. Sophia accepted with a kiss, “I’m really proud of you, you know,” she told him. At that very moment they were caught by a camera. They ignored the man and continued to walk hand in hand behind an over excited Richie and Victoria who were attracting more attention by being all over each other. On the way out of the building Jon explained all about his decision to tell Richie and how they had both booked flights to see each other. He even managed to talk Sophia into moving back into the house for the rest of their stay. “So what you want to do know? Where you want to go?” Jon asked Sophia when they got into the taxi.
“I’m leaving that entirely up to you today, it is your town after all,” Sophia answered.
“Well we could do what their doing, in any other place but where they’re going that is, not sure we could handle the competition,” Jon said with a devilish glint in his eye as he nodded towards Richie and Victoria who seemed to have forgotten they were sharing a cab.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Chapter 23

Sophia couldn’t believe her ears. Was it really Jon’s fault that her sister and Richie had split up? Why would he make up such a horrible lie? Was this the reason Richie went to rehab? Her head was spinning at the thoughts that raced through. She had to find Jon and confront him. Surely David had got it wrong. Jon wouldn’t do something like that. But did he? It’s a stunt she would have thought him more than capable of when she first met him. Had he been playing her along all this time just waiting to hurt her like he had with her sister? Sophia got up from the bench and said goodbye to Dave, interrupting him in the middle of a story she hadn’t been listening to. She found Jon in the kitchen and took him out the front of the house where it was quiet and they could be alone. Her anger started to build as she blurted out, “Are you the reason Richie and Victoria split up? Did you make up stories about her to get Richie to leave her and cause her so much pain?” Sophia said in a steady voice although she was trembling inside. Jon looked shocked at first, he paced the garden path before speaking, “Your sister is a nasty piece of work, she was taking him for a ride.”

Sophia looked angry at his words. He wasn’t going to lie to her, she would have to hear what kind of person her dear sister really was. “I heard her, Sophia. I was looking for you when I passed the room and heard her speaking. She must have been on the phone to some other little bitch because she blatantly came out and said she’s with him for his money and the fame it would bring or words to that effect. I’m sorry Sophia, she’s not as innocent as she’s made you believe,” Jon told her, moving in to take her hand until Sophia pulled hers away from his reach. “I had to tell Richie. He’s my best friend. Are you telling me that if the situation was reversed you wouldn’t have told Victoria?” Jon started pacing again. “I’m sorry to have to be the bad guy here and tell you what she’s really like, but it’s true.” Sophia turned towards him, “You know what I would have done Jon? I would have found out the whole story before I went spreading stories around and wrecking a great relationship.”

Jon looked amazed, “What do you mean the whole story? I heard her say they things, what more is there to find out?” Sophia took a deep breath, “I was the person she was talking to that day Jon. I was in that very room with her.” Jon shook his head, “You were part of the plan?” Sophia almost laughed, “The plan? There was no plan Jon. If you had heard the start of that conversation you would know that she was telling me how much she was in love with Richie. I made a stupid comment, like you know I always do and my sister replied with what you said. She was being sarcastic Jon. Can you see her looking for fame? I don’t think so. I can’t believe you broke them up over a silly comment. She’s never loved anyone the way she loved Richie. She was devastated when he said it was over and didn’t even give her a reason.” Jon was silent for a while. He was studying the floor when he finally spoke, “So it’s really my fault that my best friend ended up in rehab? I’m such an idiot. Please, Sophia, I’m so sorry about all of this. If I had just known or you had said something then none of this would have happened.” Sophia was unsure what to do. He looked so sad and blamed himself for what Richie went through but Sophia was still angry about the pain he had caused her sister. “We couldn’t say anything because no-one told us why he suddenly wanted to split up and sent her packing from the house,” she moved closer to him and tilted his chin so he was facing her. “You have to tell Richie what really happened.”
“I can’t do that, he would go mad. His best friend landed him in rehab, he’ll never speak to me again!” Jon blurted.

Sophia couldn’t believe what she was hearing, he really didn’t want to tell Richie the truth. “Are you really too proud to admit your wrong for a change?” Sophia almost shouted. “Two people have gone through hell because of you and you won’t even go to the effort of telling them and giving them the chance to make it right. They could still be together! But you would rather see them suffer than admit your mistake. Well Jon, sorry but I thought you were better than that.” Jon reached out to touch her again but she moved away. “It’s not like that Sophia, you don’t know Richie, you don’t know what this has already done to him. It could make him worse if he finds out it was all for nothing.” Sophia studied him for a moment, watching him fight back the tears that welled in his blue eyes. “Goodbye Jon, your not the person I thought you were if you’ll let pride stand in the way of love,” Sophia said as she fought back tears of her own and walked away.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Chapter 22

Three Months Later

Jon couldn’t help but smile when he thought of how well things were going between him and Sophia. They were almost inseparable these days and she stayed over at his place most nights. They had also been lucky with the media as no-one had noticed they were dating yet which was really a bonus in Jon’s eyes. He liked having privacy when the band wasn’t touring or felt the need for publicity. He also had the advantage of Richie being the more popular media man at the moment after his spell in rehab the press went mad jumping to all sorts of conclusions. Some of the stories Jon and Richie read together and were in hysterics for a long time afterwards wondering where these people had got their stories from and what planet their sources lived on. He was however, grateful that he wasn’t in his best friends shoes, he had been going through a rough time while Jon seemed to be having the time of his life. He still didn’t have the guts to bring Richie over to meet her again since they had been dating as she seemed to go cold whenever he spoke about him to her, he assumed it was her loyalty to her sister that was the reason behind it. He really wanted her to get to know him and hopefully get along with him like they once had as Richie was his best friend and there was no way he was ever giving that up. Jon came up with an idea that would allow them to meet in a situation where they wouldn’t get under each others skin so he could slowly get them to talk to each other. He was planning to visit his mother and father back in New Jersey and attend the famous Bon Jovi BBQ with his family and friends. He wanted Sophia to go with him and introduce her to them all.

Sophia stood at the airport door. The nerves had finally kicked in. She was a short drive away from meeting all of Jon’s family and had no idea how she was going to cope with it. As much as she loved Jon, this experience was one she could do without. She had no idea what she would say to people. How would they react to her? What were they expecting? “What’s up with you?” Jon asked her after realising he was walking by himself. “I’m stuck,” she told him, the only words that presented themselves. Jon realised she was nervous and went back to take her hand and reassure her that his family weren’t going to eat her. They walked hand in hand to the taxi and eventually she managed to fight back some of the nerves. When they reached the house there was no sign of anyone around until they went out the back garden to see lots of people standing around enjoying themselves. Jon’s mother wrapped her arms around him within seconds of him arriving. “Welcome home son! I’ve missed you!” She then introduced herself to Sophia and pulled her in for a hug, followed by Jon’s dad. One by one she was introduced to everyone who was there. The experience was much less terrifying than she was expecting, she actually found she was enjoying herself with them and they were all really easy to get along with.

Jon couldn’t stop smiling all day, he loved watching Sophia and the way she was getting on with his family. He hadn’t been successful in getting her and Richie to speak but at least they had been civil which was suitable for now. He got a fright when his mother tapped him on the shoulder bringing him away from his thoughts.
“It’s great to see you son,” she said patting him on the shoulder. “It’s not often you visit anymore, we usually only have David, Tico and Richie at these BBQ’s now, it’s good to see the four of you together again.” Jon didn’t know what to say to her, he had been avoiding coming home for a long time. The last time he saw his parents they had argued over how much fame had changed him and he could see now that they were right. He apologised to his mother and gave her a big hug while his mother told him not to be silly. He really missed this place and the people here. “Can I just ask what changed your mind about coming here today?” she asked him, already knowing the answer. Jon blushed a little and looked uncomfortable with the conversation. “It’s okay, I know it’s her. She’s a good one Jon, I hope you hang on to her. Any woman who brings me back my son is welcome in this family.” Jon smiled at his mother, “I’m glad you like her.”

Sophia seemed to be the main attraction of the night with Jon’s family. It was late by the time she got a quiet minute to herself. Pouring herself a drink she sat on a bench in the garden enjoying the night breeze. She wasn’t alone for long before Dave sat down beside her. “Hey, my turn now I guess. Been waiting for you all night but the queue just kept getting longer,” Dave introduced himself. They talked for a long time and joked together, they had a similar sense of humour. “Well, I must say I’m impressed. I was expecting another bimbo up and coming actress/model/designer, you know his usual choice, I’m glad your not.” Sophia laughed, she liked Dave instantly, his sense of humour and honesty appealed to her. They continued to talk together. “You’ve got a good guy in Jon, you know. He’s landed on his feet with you too, I’m actually jealous of him! You’ve brought back the real Jon, we ain’t seen him like that in years, it’s brilliant! You must be out of this world in bed to make him that happy,” Dave joked and they laughed together while Sophia blushed. Turning more serious Dave said, “He really is a good guy. 100% loyal. He stopped his best mate, Richie over there, from marrying a gold digger. Yeah, he was all set to propose and Jon overheard her bitching away on the phone. Poor guy, he really thought he’d hit the jackpot.”

Chapter 21

Saturday arrived and Jon had woken up before his alarm clock. He had trouble sleeping while his mind raced through thoughts of how he wanted today to go. He got out of bed and got washed and dressed while thinking about all that had to be done before he arranged for Sophia to be picked up and brought to their destination. He wasn’t sure if she’d like the boat but it was a place he loved and wanted to spend some time with her there. It was a place he could hide away from all things showbiz and be himself - the perfect place for today. He made his way down to the boat to make sure he had everything he wanted as he wasn’t planning on stopping off again until it was time to take Sophia home. He had given the staff the day off except for the captain and the chef who was preparing a meal beforehand so that he could leave on Sophia’s arrival and they would only have to stick it in the oven. Jon spent his time tidying up in an obsessive compulsive manner before he called his driver to pick up Sophia and make the journey to the boat.

Sophia was watching from her apartment window for Jon’s arrival. When the car pulled up and Jon wasn’t there she felt a little disappointed but it only made her more curious as to what he had planned. She was quiet for most of the journey as her mind ran through all the possibilities until the car turned towards a long line of boats. She immediately noticed Jon standing in front of a very luxurious boat smiling at her and she felt her heart flutter. This wasn’t one of the things she had been expecting but her surprised was overshadowed by seeing Jon waiting there for her, he looked so good as the sun emphasized his muscular frame. She almost felt wobbly as she made her way towards him and he greeted her with a polite yet hungry kiss and helped her onto the boat. Sophia was amazed at the beauty of the boat during the day and was fascinated by the scenery they witnessed as they sailed but nothing could have prepared her for the beauty of the whole setting by the time the sun had gone down. They had got on so well the whole day just enjoying each others company and had a laugh trying to cook the dinner the chef had left them. As they sat eating the meal Sophia couldn’t keep her eyes from wandering. The boat looked magical on the dark sea, as the sunlight had disappeared romantic lights placed all over the boat had taken their place, there was music playing and best of all Jon was sitting opposite her enjoying himself as much as she was. Dinner ended and they talked for a long time while enjoying some fabulous wine together until Jon asked her to dance. She was more than happy to accept and they slow danced to the music that had been playing. Three songs later Sophia recognised the tune of the song starting and laughed, “We’re kinda haunted by that song. But I suppose “When Love and Hate Collides” it is quite appropriate for us.”
“Love? I knew you hated me Sophia but I’m more than flattered that you love me,” Jon replied teasingly. Sophia flushed red and stopped dancing as she realised what she had just said and started to protest. Jon pulled her close to him and gently lifted her chin up so she was looking him in the eye. “I’m falling in love with you too Sophia Tallarico,” he said before leaning in to touch his lips to hers in a passion filled kiss.

Her mouth met his, hungry and demanding and both intoxicated by the taste of each other. Her hands caressed his body as Jon’s hands found the zipper on the back of her dress and let it fall at her feet. He allowed his hands to wander and take in every inch of her body as she reached to undress him. They made their way to a room where Jon lay her on the bed before joining her and leaving a trail of kisses down her body and then focused on her neck. He whispered low and seductively in her ear, “A whisper is such a powerful thing, it forces the person your talking with to whisper back and it heightens the senses as you have to focus to hear it,” he said while continuing to kiss her neck. “What are you talking about?” Sophia whispered back to him. Jon let a quiet chuckle escape and the feel of his breath on her body sent shivers through her. “You just proved my point about the whisper,” he said quietly, bringing his mouth back to hers more passionately this time. His hands traced her body, cupping her breasts then moving further down they trailed her thighs and finally found the warmth between her legs. She quickly stopped him, forcing him to turn over as she manoeuvred to position herself on top of him. “My turn,” she said as she teasingly trailed her tongue down his muscular chest and stomach. He knew exactly where she was headed so she took her time to reach her destination, kissing him all around his erect cock before finally allowing him to feel the warmth and wetness of her mouth closing around him and he groaned. She let her tongue dance around him as he enjoyed the sensation and his breathing became heavy. He forced himself to stop her and decided he was taking charge. He held her by the wrists as he turned her over so that she was under him again. He teased her with kisses all over her body, allowing himself to take in her scent. Finding the wetness between her legs he slipped a finger inside her as his mouth took hers. Finally he lowered his mouth and let himself taste her, slowly and expertly, letting her moans guide him. His hands traced her body and her back arched in delight. She wrapped her arms around him, she needed him inside her now and he was more than ready to oblige. Both their hearts were pounding with desire as he entered her and they began to move slowly together. Soon the pace quickened as they gave in to their desire, allowing the pleasure to intoxicate them. They felt the sweet pressure build and build until they were both reached an intense orgasmic peak and they collapsed on the bed. Jon held Sophia close as they lay together on the bed with their hearts continuing to pound.

Morning had arrived and Jon and Sophia woke up to the sound of birds high above them. They stayed in the bed for a long time without saying a word to each other, they were totally at peace in the moment and still caught up in their thoughts about last night. Jon held Sophia close with her head resting on his chest as his head touched hers. Jon couldn’t believe how well yesterday had gone, he wasn’t sure if they would be able to get along when they had nothing to do never mind have her stay the night. He knew now that he was going to continue seeing Sophia no matter what the consequences may be. He had become so used to living his life in the spotlight that he didn’t think he would find anyone who liked him as himself and to find someone who could bring out the person he used to be was a real bonus. Since the band became big he just assumed he would only date famous women since that seemed to be the way things go. There was no chance he was going to let Sophia sneak away, famous or not, he was certain he was falling in love with her even more so after last night. He finally made a move to get out of bed and went to find something for them to eat for breakfast. After spending 10 minutes staring blankly at the fridge, Sophia joined him and helped him make the breakfast that they enjoyed in the morning sun on the top of the boat.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Chapter 20

Sophia woke up on Wednesday morning still buzzing from the day before. She couldn’t believe Jon had arranged for them to go into the enclosure with the lions, she didn’t think he would even remember her mentioning wanting to do it. The experience was unbelievable after she got over her initial fear and she was astounded at how well Jon handled the experience. He had been so terrified at first but together they calmed each other down and he even managed to touch one of the lions. She had a sneaky suspicion that he only done it to impress her as she didn’t think he cared much for animals but the fact that he was willing to share this experience with her said a lot and Sophia felt her feelings for Jon grow stronger the more time she spent with him. She quickly got washed and dressed before heading to work where the time passed quickly thanks to her over-excited re-telling of the date to Rachel who had heard the story so many times now she was close to brain-dead. As soon as her shift finished she was home and preparing for Jon to pick her up for their trip to the concert Jon had planned. On the way to the gig Jon told her all about the band that was playing, they were some local guys that Jon thought of as extremely talented. He spoke with such enthusiasm that Sophia could have sworn he was just as buzzed about the day before as she had been all day. The concert was great and both of them enjoyed the music. It was a really laid back atmosphere that allowed them to relax and talk while they listened to the band. Sophia loved watching Jon, she could tell that music was his passion. He really let his guard down and had a good time, it was a side of Jon she hadn’t seen before but a side that she would love to encounter again.

Jon couldn’t help but laugh at Sophia’s less than enthusiastic attitude towards the fishing trip they were heading on. She had done nothing but complain about how smelly fish were since she got into his car. They were almost at the lake now and Jon was determined to get her to enjoy the trip. He enjoyed these little disagreements they had, they seemed to add to the day in a positive way rather than the pointless arguments they had when they first met each other. The thought made Jon laugh, he was sitting beside a woman who, not so long ago could easily have strangled and now he felt he was falling for her. Admitting it to himself had come as a shock to Jon but it helped him make up his mind - Saturday was definitely going to happen. All doubts were gone for the moment as he enjoyed the rest of his playful bickering with Sophia. The day passed quickly and Jon began to feel that after a rough start Sophia had finally got the hang of it and was enjoying fishing. She had managed to achieve what Jon would have considered impossible when they first arrived. She cast out her rod and smashed up her float on the only tiny rock on the surface of the whole lake. Once Jon got over his amazement at what had happened he spent half the day laughing over it, especially the look on Sophia’s face as the float exploded.
“Oh shit, I’ve got something Jon. What do I do? Here have the stick, you do it!” Sophia shouted as she almost threw the rod at Jon. He took the rod and brought the fish in so he could scoop it up with his net.
“You need to find a rock or big stick,” Jon told Sophia as he lifted the fish from the net. Sophia didn’t need to open her mouth as Jon read her expression. “It’s to kill the fish with, we can have it for dinner tomorrow, one of my dads recipes are great for these fish.”
“You want me to throw a rock at a fish?” Sophia asked incredulously. “Can’t we just throw the fish at the rocks? Then it could be classed as some sort of accident and I wouldn’t feel like I murdered a poor defenceless fish.” Jon gave in and told her to watch the fish as he went to find something to kill it with. On his return he found an empty handed Sophia who had let the fish go back into the water. Jon couldn’t help but laugh, “You felt that strongly about dinner?” he teased.

Fridays activity was to be car racing. Sophia woke up feeling excited about this one. She had enjoyed the fishing yesterday to her own surprise, well all except the fish part. She had no problem with eating the fish but didn’t want to kill it first. It’s like watching Bambi and then ordering up venison, she thought to herself as Jon teased her in the car on the way to the race track.The track looked exciting when they arrived and her enthusiasm seemed to be rubbing off on Jon who wasn’t quite as cheerful today. His mind seemed to be elsewhere for most of the morning but as soon as he was kitted out and being given advice by the instructor his mood brightened up dramatically and his competitive streak shown through. He was determined to win and Sophia was determined not to let him until they got into their cars. Jon was gone like lightening while Sophia struggled to drive at any slight speed on the gravel track. When she finally returned to the finish line she was greeted by Jon’s teasing comments about her driving. They finished the day off by taking a ride with the professionals that left Jon buzzing and Sophia white from fear but overall it had been a fun day.

As Jon dropped Sophia off at her apartment and headed home his thoughts turned back to his plan for tomorrow. He already felt exposed and the day hadn’t even arrived yet, although this was his plan. He wanted to feel exposed, he wanted to let down his guard and let her in, he just didn’t realise it would be so difficult. He had enjoyed the week with Sophia more than he thought was possible yet he was still unsure about taking things further. He had built his hopes up so much that she would enjoy tomorrow that he would be devastated if she didn’t. His father had always told him that a woman worth keeping was one who enjoys being with you even when there’s nothing to be done so he has devised his plan of spending an action-packed week and then top it off with a day that involved nothing but relaxing to see if they could get along without the help of any activities. He was already convinced he was falling for her, all he needed now was for the plan to be a success and if all goes well tomorrow he decided he was willing to take things with Sophia to a more serious level. It was all down to tomorrow.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Chapter 19

Mondays trip to the cinema was all going to plan. Jon was due to pick up Sophia soon so he got into his car and started driving, arriving at her apartment too early. He considered waiting in the car for her but his curiosity got the better of him and he made his way up the stairs looking for her apartment, pausing outside the door when he finally found it. He took a deep breath and then knocked, unsure if he would be welcome inside. In a couple of seconds the door opened to reveal Sophia standing in a short white dressing gown looking shocked to find Jon at her door so early.
“Oh, I’m sorry, I’ll go back to the car and wait,” Jon apologised while trying to take in as much of the view as he could manage without her noticing.
“Oh no Jon, come in. I’m almost ready, just need to get dressed. Grab a seat, I won’t be long,” Sophia insisted as she walked towards what Jon assumed was her bedroom. He set himself down on the chair and studied his surroundings. The apartment wasn’t what he was expecting at all. He had imagined a spotless modern place with the usual white and cream walls that he had become accustomed to. This was different, it was way more homely and he felt relaxed in it straight away. There were books scattered here and there and the place had a real cosy vibe to it, it reminded him of his home in New Jersey - a place he hadn’t been in a long time.

Jon was startled by Sophia’s voice as he didn’t notice her enter the room. “Sorry about that,” she said. “I tend to get ready in reverse and do my hair and make-up before I think about clothes.”
“Don’t apologise, it’s my fault I left too early,” Jon insisted. Sophia gathered her things together and started creating space in her bag for them.
“You didn’t tell me you were intelligent,” Jon said, playfully picking up the nearest book. Sophia laughed.
“Just because I like to read doesn’t mean that I’m intelligent Jon. Although I’m willing to bet my brain cells have more power than yours,” she teased. Jon approached her from behind while she continued to pack her bag and tickled her causing her to jump and both of them to tumble over the back of the sofa and Jon landed on top of her. They stayed still for a couple of seconds before Jon moved to press his lips to hers in a hungered kiss. “Wow, should I come back later?” Rachel said, standing at the open front door. Jon and Sophia jumped up from the sofa at the same time and looking embarrassed Sophia introduced Jon to her friend and colleague. Rachel apologised for interrupting and was about to leave when Jon insisted she stay and ordered a pizza for the three of them while they searched for a dvd to watch together. So much for the cinema, Jon thought, but at least I get to interrogate the friend now, he grinned to himself.

Tuesday mornings alarm clock rang all too early for Sophia’s liking. She would have preferred to start off their date to the zoo later in the day but Jon was determined that first thing in the morning was best as they would be able to see all the feeding sessions. Pulling herself out of bed, she got washed and dressed, her mood gradually getting better as the time moved on. She was sorry they missed the trip to the cinema the night before but in the end thought the night had gone better just sitting around with Jon and Rachel as she got to know him a lot better. Jon had left a little later than Rachel so Sophia wasn’t surprised to find a number of missed calls on her cell and called her friend back.
“Finally! So what happened? And I’m so sorry for crashing last night, I didn’t know you were going out,” Rachel blurted excitedly.
“Calm down woman! Have you been up all night? Sounds like you’ve had way too much coffee,” Sophia joked.
“Well, get to it. Info please!” demanded Rachel.
“There’s nothing to tell, he left shortly after you,” Sophia answered.
“Nothing? You two looked pretty darn cosy when I walked in,” Rachel shot back. The horn sounding from outside caught Sophia’s attention. Jon was waiting for her. She said goodbye to Rachel and lifted her bag before bouncing down to Jon’s car.

The first couple of animals at the zoo didn’t hold Sophia’s attention - as far as she was concerned they were things she could have seen at any time of the day and so not worth getting out of bed early for. It wasn’t until they turned up at the lions that she started to brighten up. Jon had arranged for them to be taken into the area with the lions - something that Sophia had always wanted to do. “This just a perk of the job then?” Sophia asked as they were kitted up for the experience. “Lets just say I’m good at getting what I want,” Jon winked at her, causing her heart to flutter. They were soon ready to be taken into the enclosure. Sophia grabbed Jon’s hand tightly as the gates opened and whispered to him, “You know now that I’m here I’m not so sure this is a good idea. You better stay close to me.” Jon’s eyes widened. “Hell, I thought I’d have you for support - I’m shitting myself here.” Sophia gave a nervous laugh.
“Oh well, we’ll just become dinner together, unless I can run fast enough to escape,” she said, still squeezing his hand.
“Don’t be stupid, your never gonna outrun a lion,” Jon said stating the obvious.
“Yeah, I know. I just need to outrun you,” Sophia teased and burst into quiet laughter at the look on Jon’s face.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Chapter 18

Jon woke up early the next morning and quickly got washed and dressed before jumping into his car and driving down to see Richie again. He couldn’t keep his mind off Sophia as he made the journey. He had enjoyed spending time with her more than he thought was possible and the feelings she caused him to feel every time he saw her scared him and excited him at the same time, she was unlike anyone he had met before and yet he was unsure if he wanted to see her again. As soon as he seen Richie he told him every little detail about the date he went on.
“Hold on bud, I thought you just said she invited you in and you refused?” Richie looked confused as he asked Jon to repeat himself.
“Eh, yeah, that’s right. I don’t know why I didn’t, something just didn’t feel right,” Jon replied looking embarrassed. “She could be bad news for the band, the fans might not like her and what would we do about publicity if I was dating someone who isn’t famous? It wouldn’t have been worth it.”
“Wait up, I think I missed the bus! Your thinking long term about this girl?” Richie asked with a grin on his face.
“What? No, of course not. She’s just another girl, the same as the rest,” Jon protested.
“Yeah, that’s why you haven’t slept with her already,” Richie said sarcastically.
“Piss off Richie, she’s the same as the rest,” Jon was getting angry now.
“Hey, it’s not me you need to convince,” Richie replied still grinning at Jon.
“Okay Richie I really can’t be bothered with this today and wipe that stupid grin off your face, I’ll see you later,” Jon said as he got up to leave.
“Come back when you’ve got news about your next date with that chic, I’m interested to see what happens,” Richie shouted after him.
“Nothing’s going to happen because I won’t be seeing Sophia again,” Jon shouted back to him as he left the room.
“Oooh, Sophia! A little touchy are we Jon?” Richie teased and started laughing.
“Shut it Sambora! I won’t be seeing her!” Jon echoed down the hallway.
“Oh yes you will,” Richie said quietly to himself, still grinning away.

Sophia was still agonising over what had or hadn’t happened with Jon the night before. She wasn’t sure if she was just making too much of a deal over nothing. She had spent the day moping around feeling sorry for herself and wondering if Jon would call her. When did you get so pathetic that your waiting on some guy calling when it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever hear from him again! She thought to herself. Although it was what she wanted, she still panicked when the phone finally rang and hesitated at answering it. She eventually plucked up the courage to pick up and felt butterflies in her stomach when she heard Jon’s voice on the other end. He didn’t sound as though he had a problem with her which confused Sophia further - why didn’t he come in last night? Her mind kept wandering back to it so much that she missed Jon asking her out again. “So how about it?” he asked into the seemingly dead phone.
“What?” Sophia asked, realising she had missed something she should have an answer to.
“Jesus woman! Am I that boring that your sleeping on me already, hell, I’ve only been on the line a couple of minutes,” Jon answered back.
“Sleeping on me?” How about why didn’t you sleep with me? Sophia thought to herself and rolled her eyes. She didn’t put herself out there often but she felt she had something with Jon last night and the situation seemed worse because she knew he was a rock star and turning down women wasn’t something they did often.
“Yeah, that’s cool,” Sophia answered unconsciously.
“Great! Well I can’t wait to see you. I’ll pick you up at 8,” Jon replied in a cheerful tone.
“What? Tonight?” Sophia almost shouted down the phone.
“Are you suffering from short term memory loss or a bump to the head darling?” Jon teased her. “Yeah, tonight and it’s bowling we’re going to do. If I pick you up and your dressed for snorkelling I’m going to be seriously worried and it’ll be a date to the doctors instead. And it’s bowling remember, I’ll spell it out for you, B-O-W-L-I-N-G.”
“Alright asshole, I got it,” Sophia said half laughing.

It finally reached 8pm and Jon arrived at Sophia's apartment just as she emerged from the door. He got out the car and opened the passengers door to let her in. He had opted for driving his own car tonight since Sophia wasn't impressed by the chauffeur driven car the previous night. The drive was quiet with Sophia being pre-occupied with her thoughts. It wasn't until they had parked the car that she snapped out of it and decided to make the most of the night.
“How did you manage to remember that it was 8pm I was picking you up?” Jon teased her as he sensed the change in her attitude. She shook her head and grinned as she pushed Jon towards the entrance. “Get in that door, I’m so gonna kick your ass tonight!”
“So your back then? The brain is with you? No more memory loss? That’s a shame cos I could have really taken advantage of that situation,” Jon grinned.
“Oh, what’s that Jon? I guess you were wanting me in my bikini dressed for snorkelling after all and then you would take me to your swimming pool and tell me to go cock diving or something similar, was that the plan?” Sophia walked over to him and patted his cheek while giving him the most seductive stare she could manage without laughing. Jon felt frozen to the spot, yet that stare and the smooth touch of her hand to his skin had him burning for her. He also had to admit he was impressed by the “plan” she had invented, it was much more creative than his own. This woman was something else and at that point he decided he wanted to see her again and came up with a plan of his own.

The first game of bowling flew in and Sophia won almost every throw making her the winner by a huge distance. She felt a lot more at ease with Jon now and allowed all previous thoughts about him to disappear and just enjoy the time with him. Not wanting to be defeated, Jon had arranged a second game for them that went in exactly the same manor as the first. Sophia won every shot yet again. “How the hell do you do that? What is it your doing when you throw that ball?” Jon asked her in amazement.
“It’s called bowling Jon, would you understand it better if I spelled it for you?” Sophia teased him and performed a little dance in celebration. She was taken by surprise when Jon appeared in front of her and wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her in close. He gently touched his lips to hers in a teasing kiss and then spun her around so that he was behind her and brushed her hair back to trace his lips down her neck, biting gently and leaving Sophia breathless. “Couldn’t have you being the only one having fun, I’ve been wanting to do that all night,” he whispered in her ear. Sophia felt dumbstruck, she had been totally in control of the situation and then he turned the tables on her in a matter of seconds with only a kiss? This man was unbelievable. The drive home went all too quickly, Jon had finally unveiled his plan during the journey. He wanted to take her out every night this week and had every day planned for them. He had decided it would be the cinema on Monday, the zoo on Tuesday, a concert for Wednesday, fishing on Thursday and car racing on Friday while leaving Saturday as a surprise. Although Sophia wasn’t very keen on some of the things he wanted to do, she couldn’t help but look forward to spending some more time with Jon.