Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Sophia's heart did the same thing today when she saw Jon for the first time. He was attached to Richie's side so she hadn't spoken to him yet but he looked great in his suit. Her mind was all over the place as she watched Victoria and Richie get married at a beautiful ceremony and was amazed at how great they looked together. The whole ceremony was like something from a movie with Victoria the princess finally getting her prince in Richie. They were definitely perfect for each other. The happiness of the couple kept making her thoughts go back to Jon, no matter how hard she tried to push it from her mind. She couldn't help but run through different scenarios in her head over and over again and had no idea what she was going to say to him later when she finally gets the chance to speak with him. They spoke for the first time while they were doing the wedding photo's. It was nothing more than a hello but it had been easier than she expected it to be.

The day began to fly in. Before she knew it, Sophia was sitting at the dinner table listening to Jon's speech. It was exactly the kind of speech you wanted at a wedding - happy and touching with some laughs throughout. It was half way through the meal when Sophia started scanning the room to really take in the faces of the people sitting around her. She noticed one of the women she had been drinking with last night seemed to be making eyes at someone at the table so she glanced around and realised it was Jon. He was gazing back lovingly at the woman and then it hit her. This woman was engaged to be married to Jon. That must have been one of the crucial points of conversation from last night that she missed because of the music. She felt sick all of a sudden and wanted to run from the room but her feet remained rooted to the spot. She had promised her sister she wouldn't ruin her big day. It was as she glanced round again that she realised Richie had noticed her whole revelation and mouthed to her to see if she was okay. What the hell is this guy? He'll definitely be there for my sister, he's even there for me, she thought gladly. She nodded in return. She had to be okay, there was no other option.

The music started for the bride and groom to have their first dance. They looked beautiful and so happy together and it was soon to be her time to hit the floor with Jon. She inhaled a deep breath and took the hand he was offering. He still smelled so good and her heart still fluttered at the touch of her skin to his. They danced in silence until the very end of the first song and the next began. They were about to leave the dance floor when they realised it was Love and Hate Collide that was playing. "That's our song," Jon said and pulled her back for another dance. He spent what felt like hours apologising for the way he treated her when they were together. Sophia didn't know where this was going he had definitely looked like he was here with the woman from earlier yet he was asking for another dance and apologising. "So I hear your engaged?" Sophia asked as he finally finished speaking.
"Um..yeah. I'm back with Dot. She really likes you, said you's had a great night last night. I'm really glad," Jon said trying to keep the conversation short.
"Your back with her?" Sophia added.
"Well yeah," and the will to hold back his feelings for Dot had gone, this woman sent him mad, he just had to talk about her. "We dated in high school before I got too big for my boots and she had the sense to dump me. It was actually your fault. I would have never gone back with her if it hadn't been for you. Sophia the love you showed me made me myself again. You taught me not to let pride get in the way of love and you made me a better man through our relationship. I owe everything to you. My biggest regret is hurting you. I guess love and hate really doesn't work after all. Dot's exactly as I always remembered her. Doesn't take any shit from me and lets me get on with all the showbiz crap. She really is amazing," Jon told her, full of pride and excitement until he realised Sophia looked sad. "I'm so sorry, I just keep fucking up with you. You know I loved you right?" Sophia composed herself, "Yeah, I heard you wanted to lay me down in a bed of roses," she joked. Jon looked as though he flushed red. "Did you just blush? Oh my god, that must be a record," she smiled at her accomplishment.
"You'll find a good guy someday. Infact where the hells Gerard, he actually turned out to be a good guy," Jon said turning serious after his flushing.
"It's taken us to break up and more than a year for you to finally admit he's a good guy? Jon, I really don't get you sometimes," she joked before asking the dreaded question, "So when's the wedding then?"
Jon looked as though he was calculating it all up. "Not sure yet, got the house to move into first, just bought it, a nice place back home in Jersey believe it or not. Jersey is home again after all these years." That was all she needed to hear. If the way he spoke about her wasn't enough to prove he was nuts about this Dot, his commitment of the engagement and new house definitely showed it. There was no way she was going to try and win him back now, she would only lose. He could see he had more love for this woman through one conversation than he had for her the entire time they were together. The dance ended and Sophia whispered in his ear, "I'm really happy for you both," she kissed his cheek and thanked him for the dance then watched him walk back to Dot. Goodbye Jon, she thought to herself.

Sophia felt strangely relieved after her conversation with Jon. Seeing that he had moved on seemed to have helped the situation. She went out to the empty back porch to call Rachel and update her or what happened. To her surprise Rachel was shocked at the events of the night and demanded that Sophia go back inside and fight for her man. "The best woman's already won, she's as mad about him as he is about her. It's in their eyes, the way they talk, you never saw the way they looked at each other, he's never looked at me that way before. She's a tough chick that can separate the man from the band and keep him grounded, I think they might be perfect for each other. I think he's with the right woman, I can see them dancing right now and they just fit together." Rachel finished their conversation, "I can't believe you were drinking with the enemy, you were supposed to steal him back not become drinking partners!" She said goodbye and hung up the phone. Although she was relieved to have seen Jon move on she still felt sad. It was 100% over this time for both of them. She continued to watch Jon and Dot dance until she heard a voice behind her.
"So the lady needs a dance partner, can I be of service tonight?" Sophia jumped up to hug him. "What the hell are you doing here? Your supposed to be working!"
Gerard shrugged, "Heard there was a damsel in distress at this party. Or was it damsels that need de-stressing? I'm more than willing to help relax some lovely ladies, you know me." Sophia elbowed him in the stomach before they both started laughing. "Your too good to me Gerard." They stood together watching Jon and Dot dance. "So what do you think?" Gerard asked.
"I think I might actually be over him, apart from the butterflies when I touch him," she said sounding surprised. "The butterflies never go away," Gerard insisted.
"Where's my prince, Gerard?" she asked. "Who knows? They could be right infront of us and we just can't see them yet," he offered as an explanation. "Fancy a walk?" Sophia asked. Placing her hand in his they made their way into the gardens. "So your into prince's then Gerard?" Sophia teased. "What?" he asked. "Well you said they could be infront of us, means you want one too," she joked. "Oh, Soph you crack me up, I'm definitely a ladies man. Just incase you missed all the action in our house I'll repeat that, a ladies man," he playfully pretended to throw her into the nearest plant and pulled her back and kissed her forehead as they continued hand in hand through the garden.


Anonymous said...

I just have say thank God for Gerard Butler!!
I must say I would have loved Jon and Sophia to have stuck together in the end but still a good ending ;) LOL
A truly amazing story through and through...beautifully written and most definitely worth the wait!

Thanks for everything :)


Alina said...

It's not happy end for Sophia and Jon as a couple but a great ending. Everyone is happy, that's fantastic!

Your story was really great! It was a pleasure reading it honey ;)Thanks for sharing it =)