Monday, 13 April 2009

Chapter 24

Sophia made her way to the nearest hotel she could find. It wasn’t anything fancy as she had only the money in her purse with her. She sat in the room they had given her and stared at the phone for a long time. Should she call her sister and tell her what really happened with Richie all those months ago? She continued to imagine all the outcomes of telling her the truth. She didn’t know if they would still get along after all this time apart but she felt she had a right to know. Now came the tricky part, how was she supposed to track her sister down? She hadn’t seen her since the day she walked out and didn’t even know if she would answer her call, especially if she had heard about her and Jon being together. She tried her sisters cell phone first but got no answer. After trying her parents home and a couple of friends she eventually tracked down the number of the place she was staying. Her sister picked up on the third ring. At first Sophia was silent, unsure how to break the news to her but she plucked up the courage to speak and started off by having as normal a conversation as she could manage. The words seemed to flow easily as she had quickly told Victoria what had happened without giving it much thought. Victoria seemed relieved to finally find out why Richie had went so mad. Sophia could hear the hope build in her sisters voice as she continued to speak. She couldn’t help but suggest that she get on a flight to New Jersey and come to see Richie herself and explain. “You really think I should?” Victoria asked. “I wouldn’t know where to start after all this time.” Sophia laughed, her sister hadn’t changed at all, “Well you can at least come down and see what happens.”
“I’m on the next flight out!” Victoria replied as the connection went dead.

Jon stood outside Richie’s house. He couldn’t believe he was about to do this. He was really going to tell his best friend that it was his fault for the terrible things he had been going through the last few months. As he made the last few steps towards the door, he was startled when it opened from the inside. “What the hell you doing bud? The neighbours will be thinking the local loony’s escaped from the nuthouse, you’ve been out here for ages.” Richie said with a worried expression on his face. Jon felt the sweat start to pour from his face, how was he going to tell him this? “I’ve got something big I need to tell you, Richie. Mind if I come in?” Richie stepped aside to let Jon past and followed him into the living room. “Is it that bad?” Richie asked after watching a silent Jon get more and more worked up about something. “It was all an accident. I didn’t know, if I had known it wouldn’t have happened and then we would all be great right now but it did and I’m sorry bud, I’m so sorry,” Jon blurted out in one breath. “Whoa, reverse the train up the tracks a little bud, I don’t speak that language,” Richie said, his eyes wide at Jon’s behaviour. “You know what I was saying about the nuthouse earlier, it was just a joke.” Jon composed himself enough to tell him the whole story about what really happened with Victoria. He was shocked by Richie’s reaction. When he finished explaining Richie almost gleefully shouted, “I knew she wasn’t like that! We have to find her. I want to see her.” Having just escaped without as much as a scratch, Jon was more than willing to help his friend. They spent most of the night calling people up to find Victoria, eventually getting an address for her. Jon booked Richie onto the next available flight before finally crashing out on the couch.

Sophia was at the airport in plenty of time for her sisters arrival. She had gotten up early to go pick up some new clothes to wear from the local shops since hers were still at Jon’s. She knew she would have to see him soon enough but wanted to delay that meeting as long as possible. She didn’t know how she felt about him now, would he really keep the truth from Richie? If he had then there was no way she was ever going to have anything to do with him again. It would be difficult but if he wasn’t willing to tell him, she didn’t want to know the man. Despite her decision she couldn’t help hoping he would be a decent enough person to admit what had happened to Richie. All she could do was hope. Victoria’s plane finally landed and she came bouncing through the doors with a tiny suitcase in tow. Sophia threw her arms around her sister. She was the same shy person she had always been and began questioning why she had bothered coming as soon as she opened her mouth. “Shut up and walk,” Sophia laughed as they headed for the exit. It was then that Sophia realised she was talking to herself. She turned to find Victoria in Richie’s arms as they shared a kiss. She spotted Jon standing nearby looking uncomfortable.

Jon spent ages apologising to Victoria and Richie who both waved him away as though it was nothing and they made their way towards Sophia. “So you finally grew a pair?” Sophia teased Jon as they approached. Jon pulled her aside and continued the apologies, saying he was sorry for all the things he had said the night before. Sophia accepted with a kiss, “I’m really proud of you, you know,” she told him. At that very moment they were caught by a camera. They ignored the man and continued to walk hand in hand behind an over excited Richie and Victoria who were attracting more attention by being all over each other. On the way out of the building Jon explained all about his decision to tell Richie and how they had both booked flights to see each other. He even managed to talk Sophia into moving back into the house for the rest of their stay. “So what you want to do know? Where you want to go?” Jon asked Sophia when they got into the taxi.
“I’m leaving that entirely up to you today, it is your town after all,” Sophia answered.
“Well we could do what their doing, in any other place but where they’re going that is, not sure we could handle the competition,” Jon said with a devilish glint in his eye as he nodded towards Richie and Victoria who seemed to have forgotten they were sharing a cab.