Saturday, 20 September 2008

Chapter 3

Jon arrived early on the set to find he had to wait outside for someone to open up. He was rather amazed that no-one else had turned up yet. Timekeeping was something he had a problem with, no matter what he had to do he would always be determined to get it done by the time he had planned. It was a trait that was very rarely known in the music industry but something he had always believed was important. Standing outside the door with his assistant it was already beginning to irritate him. All he wanted to do was get in and settled before filming began so he could be ready for it. Soon after his arrival other crew members started turning up and were let in a side door which Jon thought was out of order, why should the crew be let in when he, one of the stars of the movie, was left standing outside twiddling his thumbs. Although he could feel his blood begin to boil he remained standing at the door appearing as cool as a cucumber, couldn’t have the crew thinking he was a diva on the first day. Eventually he was let inside and taken to his trailer where his assistant immediately began making the place more like home while Jon sat down and studied the script once again.

Bouncing out of bed ridiculously early for starting work, Victoria was just as excited as she had been the night before. As Sophia struggled out of bed some time later to find that her sister was already dressed and had breakfast waiting at the table for her. This was going to be an experience, Sophia was an extremely independent woman and enjoyed doing things for herself. The reason she left home in the first place was because her mother was always under her feet sweeping up the mess before it had even been made and her sister was exactly the same. A short time later, Sophia had finished eating and had got dressed. She couldn’t help laugh as she caught a glimpse of herself and her sister in the mirror before they left the apartment. They were complete opposites of each other as Victoria left as her usual glamorous self while Sophia opted for a more casual look that she felt comfortable working in. As they got into the car for the short drive to the set, Sophia could see her sister was getting more excited and nervous by the second. Not wanting to drag the anticipation out too long, she put her foot down and headed for work.

After what seemed like hours sitting in his trailer, there was finally a knock on Jon’s door alerting him to the fact that the other stars had now turned up. Placing the script down on his table, Jon stopped in front of the mirror ensuring he was presentable before making his way to meet his co-stars. For a short second he felt overwhelmed at how impressive the cast was, this was definitely going to be a big movie. One by one he made his way around introducing himself to the other actors and actresses. Most of them were pleasant enough and provided some advice for him while others merely sniffed at him in acknowledgement. He was ready for this kind of welcome, most people thought of him as just another musician trying to stick his nose into acting, they didn’t believe for a second that he might be any good at it. Jon kept his cool and continued to greet other people. He wanted to know who thought of him as just another big name to bring in publicity, these were the people he wanted to impress and he welcomed the challenge. Making his way back to his trailer for some last minute preparation, Jon realised he hadn’t been intimidated in the slightest by the presence of Oscar winning actors, it had only served to make him more determined to prove he was serious about the role. Smiling to himself he sat on the step of the trailer, script in hand.

Arriving at the set, Sophia pulled an excited Victoria out of the way of passing vehicles a number of times as she constantly took in the sights of the set. Last minute improvements were being made to all areas of the set before filming was allowed to start. Sophia couldn’t help but laugh at her sister as she walked around with her chin on the floor, it clearly wasn’t how she had expected it to look. “Shouldn’t you be meeting your new boss somewhere to find out your work plan?” Sophia asked, interrupting Victoria’s thoughts. “I’ve got a whole hour of staring to do before I start, I just wanted to come along early with you to get my bearings,” Victoria replied, still looking around her in awe. This gave Sophia an idea as she left Victoria for a couple of minutes while she found her boss. She had a little spare time before make-up was going to be needed and took advantage of it by taking Victoria on a grand tour. She introduced her to every member of the crew who wasn’t busy and showed her where all the stars transformations take place. She was about to show Victoria where she could find her until she realised she was talking to herself. Turning back she spotted her sister frozen to the spot staring at something. In a pathetic excuse for a whisper and much to Sophia's amusement she turned to her and said, “There he is Sophia. Should we go and say hello?”

Friday, 19 September 2008

Chapter 2

Jon paced anxiously outside the office. They were taking longer than he had expected to emerge with their decision. Running his hand through his long hair, he paused at the window to study the view of the city. He could feel the gaze of the secretary’s eyes on him as he did so. It was one of the hazards of being famous that everyone was always watching him. At this moment in time he wished he was alone in the room, he wondered if he had demanded too much and the whole plan was about to backfire on him. His brain was ticking overtime at the thoughts of what the two men in that room were about to tell him. Had he just blown it and gotten fired before he had started work? Forcing his star smile, he turned to the secretary and asked for a drink. That smile never failed with the women, before he had finished the sentence she was already out of her seat and off down the hallway to cater to his needs. His looks were both a blessing and a curse, he thought as he watched her go. So far in his career he had been noticed by many because of his appearance rather than his talents which really annoyed him and yet he was grateful too, if he didn’t look the way he did many of the fans he had now wouldn’t have noticed him in the first place. It was also one of the reasons why he took the risk of doing what he had today. He felt he was being given the characters that suited him and not allowed to prove himself as an actor. This film had given him that chance but he wanted more. He wanted to negotiate a new contract where he would have more screen time and be more of a main character. He loved the challenge and wanted to be the best he could be.

The office door finally swung open to reveal the two men inside. Both stood with blank expressions as they waved Jon inside to break the news. It had taken much convincing but they had finally agreed to alter the contract and contacted the writers to tell them to write him into more scenes. Jon couldn’t believe it, he himself had managed to arrange this meeting and pull it off, leaving him with one of the best parts in the movie. He noticed the hesitance in their voices but it only made him more determined to prove he was capable of pulling off such a great role. Shaking the hands of both men, Jon left the building grinning. “Well judging by the look on your face I’m guessing it went well?” Richie asked as Jon approached the car. “Extremely well,” Jon answered him, looking rather pleased with himself, “This is going to be a really good move, I can feel it. The publicity will be great for when we get the next album out.” Richie groaned, business seemed to be the only thing Jon spoke about these days. It wasn’t that he was ungrateful, if it hadn’t been for Jon and his business head then he wouldn’t be where he was today, he just got tired of all the talk and missed the old days when he could just have a laugh with his best friend. Mimicking his friend, Richie started up the engine and headed to Jon’s place.

Arriving at the apartment Jon had bought for their stay in LA during filming, Richie hauled the luggage from the boot as Jon went to open the door. It was a small but classy apartment, when he had bought it he had no idea that Richie would be coming along to stay with him. The original starting date for filming to begin had been pushed back many times due to the rest of the cast having other commitments to finish first and it turned out that his movie making time would now clash with the time he had set aside to work on the new album with Richie. Jon being Jon didn’t want to disappoint the fans with a late release and decided that he would take on the two projects at the same time and invited Richie to stay in LA with him. It was going to be a busy few months for him starting tomorrow. Once inside, Jon showed Richie to his room before making his way to his own to start unpacking. He was glad he had been lucky enough to find this place so near to where they would be filming, he really hated having to live out of a suitcase and this would be home to him for the duration of filming.

Finally having unpacked and settled in a little more, Jon and Richie cleared up after the dinner they had made. It was going to be interesting spending so much time in such a small space with Richie again. He loved how it was in the beginning but these days things like that would affect business so for now he decided he would just keep an eye on him. While Jon continued to dry the dishes and put them away he heard Richie scuffling around in the living room. “Hey bud, why do you have pictures of all these people? I don’t think I’ve seen any of them before, you taken up some sort of private detective work?” Richie shouted through to him. Jon shook his head and laughed, Richie could never resist having a nosey at things that weren’t for him. “It the pictures of all the cast and crew that will be on set tomorrow. Some new thing they do to make sure you know who should be there and who shouldn’t,” Jon provided as the answer. “There’s some lookers in this bunch Jon. Check out that personal assistant,” Richie passed Jon one of the photo’s. Jon barely nodded in agreement, he wasn’t going to need one of the provided assistants, he always took his own with him. For the remainder of the evening the two men sat and watched the football on tv, it was Jon’s way of relaxing before he had to go to work.

Chapter 1

Sitting comfortably, swinging in her chair as she contently read her book, Sophia jumped at hearing her sister explode through the front door. “Nothing like shutting the door quietly is there, sis?” Sophia asked sarcastically with a hint of a smile. She knew her sister well enough to know that any unexpected noise meant she was excited about something. Moving from her seat she made her way to the kitchen where her sister was standing. “I’m coming with you tomorrow!” Victoria squeaked in excitement as she hugged her big sister. Sophia looked puzzled and Victoria happily told her what had happened while she was out shopping. It had turned out that one of the personal assistants due to start work on the set the next day had backed out leaving the company that Victoria worked for to find someone at the last minute. This would be the first time Victoria had to deal with assisting one of the cast and Sophia was pleased at her having the opportunity, but couldn’t help but think she might be getting in over her head. Sophia had seen first hand what it takes to be a good personal assistant to these people and she wasn’t sure Victoria had the confidence in herself to get things done to their standards, she had always been the shy one in the family. Refusing to dampen her spirits, Sophia pushed away her worries and congratulated her.

Sophia Tallarico was one of the many make-up artists that would be needed on the set of a new war film that would be starring some of the biggest names in Hollywood. The fact that there were going to be so many make-up artists on one movie, Sophia had learned from experience, meant that they were expecting a cast with the classic diva attitude. This didn’t help matters when she thought of how her sister was going to survive the experience. It wasn’t that she was useless at her job, her sister just happened to pick a career that was more suited to outgoing personality types while she had the presence of a mouse amongst the other workers at her company. She was one of the hardest working people Sophia knew but no matter how hard she tried she hadn’t made it to become a personal assistant to the famous, until now. Sophia couldn’t push the worry from her mind as they sat down to dinner together. “So can you finally tell me who will be starring in this movie now that I’m part of the crew?” Victoria had been nagging at her to find out who would be in the movie for most of the week since Sophia arrived home. Checking the cast list was something Sophia hated to do, it always took away the element of surprise when she turned up for work. Deciding that she would get more peace from her sister if she just gave in, she departed from the table to find the list that her boss had given her weeks before.

Emerging from her bedroom with a piece of paper in hand and a grin on her face Sophia made her way towards Victoria, teasingly waving it in front of her then pulling it away so as she couldn’t grab it from her. Eventually tiring of annoying her she set the paper down and pointed, “There’s only one name your going to be interested in.” Victoria glanced through the list of names recognising most of them as popular actors and actresses but stopped dead halfway down the row. She had spotted Jon Bon Jovi, her favourite singer of all time, she was a great fan of Bon Jovi but especially of Jon. Sophia laughed at her sister’s reaction. Her chin was on the floor and her eyes were wide. Taking a couple of minutes to let it settle in, she then bounced from the chair and pulled Sophia to her feet as they danced around the room. Sophia couldn’t help but laugh and join in. This was the way she liked her sister to be, she was one of the few people who ever got to see this side of which Sophia thought was a shame as her sister was so funny and intelligent but for some unknown reason she went to mush around people she didn’t know well. It didn’t help that her previous boyfriend had only been with her to use her contacts in Hollywood and then dumped her the minute he smelt fame. Sophia often wondered why her sister was still single as she was beautiful with her long blonde hair and tall figure to rival any models, she eventually just put it down to her lack of confidence and the nice men not giving her a chance to come out of her shell. Settling back down at the table, Victoria began to quiz her on what it was like to be working for these famous stars.

The time went by all too fast with them having to rush their packing and make their way to the airport. Victoria had become obsessed with what she would wear in order to look like she meant business and yet still look good. This was where Sophia came in handy. Before she worked as a make-up artist she had been involved in the wardrobe department and knew exactly how to get the best out of a persons figure with the right clothes. She felt it was a good skill to have especially when she often accompanied her sister on night’s out. Looking as good as her was impossible with Sophia being a good bit shorter than her sister with brown hair, people often found it hard to believe they were related since they looked so different. Sophia herself was a good looking woman with a great figure, she just couldn’t compete with the glamorous looks of her sister. Together they boarded the plane, Sophia sensing the excitement building in her sister as she eagerly anticipated meeting the stars.


This is my second attempt at fan fiction writing and this one will be focussed on Jon Bon Jovi. The story centres on the relationship created between Jon and Sophia who become tangled in each others lives after they meet on the set of a film Jon is making. Often misunderstood and side-tracked by events in their lives, will the two ever see eye to eye?