Friday, 19 September 2008

Chapter 2

Jon paced anxiously outside the office. They were taking longer than he had expected to emerge with their decision. Running his hand through his long hair, he paused at the window to study the view of the city. He could feel the gaze of the secretary’s eyes on him as he did so. It was one of the hazards of being famous that everyone was always watching him. At this moment in time he wished he was alone in the room, he wondered if he had demanded too much and the whole plan was about to backfire on him. His brain was ticking overtime at the thoughts of what the two men in that room were about to tell him. Had he just blown it and gotten fired before he had started work? Forcing his star smile, he turned to the secretary and asked for a drink. That smile never failed with the women, before he had finished the sentence she was already out of her seat and off down the hallway to cater to his needs. His looks were both a blessing and a curse, he thought as he watched her go. So far in his career he had been noticed by many because of his appearance rather than his talents which really annoyed him and yet he was grateful too, if he didn’t look the way he did many of the fans he had now wouldn’t have noticed him in the first place. It was also one of the reasons why he took the risk of doing what he had today. He felt he was being given the characters that suited him and not allowed to prove himself as an actor. This film had given him that chance but he wanted more. He wanted to negotiate a new contract where he would have more screen time and be more of a main character. He loved the challenge and wanted to be the best he could be.

The office door finally swung open to reveal the two men inside. Both stood with blank expressions as they waved Jon inside to break the news. It had taken much convincing but they had finally agreed to alter the contract and contacted the writers to tell them to write him into more scenes. Jon couldn’t believe it, he himself had managed to arrange this meeting and pull it off, leaving him with one of the best parts in the movie. He noticed the hesitance in their voices but it only made him more determined to prove he was capable of pulling off such a great role. Shaking the hands of both men, Jon left the building grinning. “Well judging by the look on your face I’m guessing it went well?” Richie asked as Jon approached the car. “Extremely well,” Jon answered him, looking rather pleased with himself, “This is going to be a really good move, I can feel it. The publicity will be great for when we get the next album out.” Richie groaned, business seemed to be the only thing Jon spoke about these days. It wasn’t that he was ungrateful, if it hadn’t been for Jon and his business head then he wouldn’t be where he was today, he just got tired of all the talk and missed the old days when he could just have a laugh with his best friend. Mimicking his friend, Richie started up the engine and headed to Jon’s place.

Arriving at the apartment Jon had bought for their stay in LA during filming, Richie hauled the luggage from the boot as Jon went to open the door. It was a small but classy apartment, when he had bought it he had no idea that Richie would be coming along to stay with him. The original starting date for filming to begin had been pushed back many times due to the rest of the cast having other commitments to finish first and it turned out that his movie making time would now clash with the time he had set aside to work on the new album with Richie. Jon being Jon didn’t want to disappoint the fans with a late release and decided that he would take on the two projects at the same time and invited Richie to stay in LA with him. It was going to be a busy few months for him starting tomorrow. Once inside, Jon showed Richie to his room before making his way to his own to start unpacking. He was glad he had been lucky enough to find this place so near to where they would be filming, he really hated having to live out of a suitcase and this would be home to him for the duration of filming.

Finally having unpacked and settled in a little more, Jon and Richie cleared up after the dinner they had made. It was going to be interesting spending so much time in such a small space with Richie again. He loved how it was in the beginning but these days things like that would affect business so for now he decided he would just keep an eye on him. While Jon continued to dry the dishes and put them away he heard Richie scuffling around in the living room. “Hey bud, why do you have pictures of all these people? I don’t think I’ve seen any of them before, you taken up some sort of private detective work?” Richie shouted through to him. Jon shook his head and laughed, Richie could never resist having a nosey at things that weren’t for him. “It the pictures of all the cast and crew that will be on set tomorrow. Some new thing they do to make sure you know who should be there and who shouldn’t,” Jon provided as the answer. “There’s some lookers in this bunch Jon. Check out that personal assistant,” Richie passed Jon one of the photo’s. Jon barely nodded in agreement, he wasn’t going to need one of the provided assistants, he always took his own with him. For the remainder of the evening the two men sat and watched the football on tv, it was Jon’s way of relaxing before he had to go to work.


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Wow, this sounds very good. Please keep posting. :)


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Great start. Very interesting. Next chapter... soon??? Please???

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I'm really inspired!

This is going to be a great story, I'm sure of that.

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Good chapter. Gotta love those two guys and their friendship. Glad Richie's in this story too.