Saturday, 20 September 2008

Chapter 3

Jon arrived early on the set to find he had to wait outside for someone to open up. He was rather amazed that no-one else had turned up yet. Timekeeping was something he had a problem with, no matter what he had to do he would always be determined to get it done by the time he had planned. It was a trait that was very rarely known in the music industry but something he had always believed was important. Standing outside the door with his assistant it was already beginning to irritate him. All he wanted to do was get in and settled before filming began so he could be ready for it. Soon after his arrival other crew members started turning up and were let in a side door which Jon thought was out of order, why should the crew be let in when he, one of the stars of the movie, was left standing outside twiddling his thumbs. Although he could feel his blood begin to boil he remained standing at the door appearing as cool as a cucumber, couldn’t have the crew thinking he was a diva on the first day. Eventually he was let inside and taken to his trailer where his assistant immediately began making the place more like home while Jon sat down and studied the script once again.

Bouncing out of bed ridiculously early for starting work, Victoria was just as excited as she had been the night before. As Sophia struggled out of bed some time later to find that her sister was already dressed and had breakfast waiting at the table for her. This was going to be an experience, Sophia was an extremely independent woman and enjoyed doing things for herself. The reason she left home in the first place was because her mother was always under her feet sweeping up the mess before it had even been made and her sister was exactly the same. A short time later, Sophia had finished eating and had got dressed. She couldn’t help laugh as she caught a glimpse of herself and her sister in the mirror before they left the apartment. They were complete opposites of each other as Victoria left as her usual glamorous self while Sophia opted for a more casual look that she felt comfortable working in. As they got into the car for the short drive to the set, Sophia could see her sister was getting more excited and nervous by the second. Not wanting to drag the anticipation out too long, she put her foot down and headed for work.

After what seemed like hours sitting in his trailer, there was finally a knock on Jon’s door alerting him to the fact that the other stars had now turned up. Placing the script down on his table, Jon stopped in front of the mirror ensuring he was presentable before making his way to meet his co-stars. For a short second he felt overwhelmed at how impressive the cast was, this was definitely going to be a big movie. One by one he made his way around introducing himself to the other actors and actresses. Most of them were pleasant enough and provided some advice for him while others merely sniffed at him in acknowledgement. He was ready for this kind of welcome, most people thought of him as just another musician trying to stick his nose into acting, they didn’t believe for a second that he might be any good at it. Jon kept his cool and continued to greet other people. He wanted to know who thought of him as just another big name to bring in publicity, these were the people he wanted to impress and he welcomed the challenge. Making his way back to his trailer for some last minute preparation, Jon realised he hadn’t been intimidated in the slightest by the presence of Oscar winning actors, it had only served to make him more determined to prove he was serious about the role. Smiling to himself he sat on the step of the trailer, script in hand.

Arriving at the set, Sophia pulled an excited Victoria out of the way of passing vehicles a number of times as she constantly took in the sights of the set. Last minute improvements were being made to all areas of the set before filming was allowed to start. Sophia couldn’t help but laugh at her sister as she walked around with her chin on the floor, it clearly wasn’t how she had expected it to look. “Shouldn’t you be meeting your new boss somewhere to find out your work plan?” Sophia asked, interrupting Victoria’s thoughts. “I’ve got a whole hour of staring to do before I start, I just wanted to come along early with you to get my bearings,” Victoria replied, still looking around her in awe. This gave Sophia an idea as she left Victoria for a couple of minutes while she found her boss. She had a little spare time before make-up was going to be needed and took advantage of it by taking Victoria on a grand tour. She introduced her to every member of the crew who wasn’t busy and showed her where all the stars transformations take place. She was about to show Victoria where she could find her until she realised she was talking to herself. Turning back she spotted her sister frozen to the spot staring at something. In a pathetic excuse for a whisper and much to Sophia's amusement she turned to her and said, “There he is Sophia. Should we go and say hello?”


allina_90 said...

“There he is Sophia. Should we go and say hello?” - This song is so cute!

Great chapter, love your way to write!

Sunstreaked said...

And I wonder who she saw? Had me smiling with this chapter.