Monday, 16 February 2009

Chapter 17

The morning of their first date had finally arrived. Jon had a rare day off and planned to relax before picking Sophia up but it wasn't for happening. He had woke up unusually early for a day off and couldn't keep his mind off Sophia. He was really excited but at the same time he was worried how it would go. Nothing seemed to go smoothly between them and he couldn't help thinking he was going to say the wrong thing again and they would end up having another argument. After wasting half the morning worrying, Jon got into his car and drove to see Richie in rehab. He hated this process of having to sign in to see his best friend and often had to speak to the doctor before he got to see Richie. On this occasion he was happy by the doctors news as he had informed him that Richie was doing much better than they had hoped for. The news gave Jon a lift as he merrily bounced into Richie's room. "I hear your the doc's favourite patient," Jon said as he entered. Richie looked pleased to see him and stood up to give Jon his familiar man hug. He could tell just by looking at him that Richie was getting better, he was looking much healthier and more like himself. Jon told him all about asking Sophia on a date and was pleased that Richie was happy for him as he wasn't sure how he would feel about him dating his ex girlfriends sister, to his surprise the subject had got Richie talking and they spent the rest of the afternoon talking away like old times.

Sophia also woke up early panicking over what she would wear. She had been so busy with work that she hadn't had any time to go shopping for a new outfit. She had the afternoon off work and hoped that if she enlisted Rachel's help she could find a knock-out outfit before the date arrived. All through the mornings work her mind kept wandering back to Jon, she too was worried they would end up fighting again. As soon as work finished the two women almost ran to the car to make a start on their shopping trip. Rachel sensed Sophia's worry about the date and told her, "Just breathe hunny, it's going to be a fabulous night." Sophia hoped she was right but as far as the breathing part - she was worried, the man knocked the breath out of her just by looking at him and the more she saw him the worse that effect got on her. The shopping trip was going unbelievably well, if anything there was too much to choose from. Usually when she wanted something nice to wear it would be impossible to find it no matter how many shops she tried so she was grateful to have found so many lovely clothes. Eventually they settled on a long purple dress as Sophia particularly liked it because it was a little different from the others. With the outfit in hand she headed home to get ready for Jon picking her up.

The time had finally arrived and Jon pulled up in a limo outside Sophia's apartment just as she emerged from the door. Jon was blown away by how good she looked in her dress and he could have sworn he could smell her before she had even moved from the door. Snapping out of his trance he ran up the stair to greet her with a kiss on the cheek and took her hand as he walked her to the car. "This is a bit flashy, you trying to impress someone?" Sophia teased when she got into the car. She couldn't help but smile when she saw Jon blush slightly. The restaurant wasn't far from where they both stayed so the journey passed quickly and before they knew it they were seated with their food infront of them. Jon couldn't have asked for a better evening, they hadn't even had a difference of opinion never mind an argument. The restaurant had also been perfect with its romantic setting and candle lit tables, but most of all he enjoyed getting to know Sophia without anything getting in the way. The more he got to know about her the more captivating he found her. She brought out a side of him that he thought had been lost, she allowed him to be the man he was before he was famous and as the night progressed he decided he enjoyed being that man again. As the evening came to an end they both decided it was too nice a night to waste and Jon suggested that he walk her home. First he pulled a hat and sunglasses out of his jacket and made himself up to be unrecognisable before taking Sophia's hand and they made their way back to Sophia's apartment.

Sophia couldn't help thinking about what a great time she was having as she walked with Jon back to her apartment. They had got on much better than she could have imagined and she got to know much more about Jon. "You look ridiculous!" Sophia told him as she studied what he was wearing to disguise himself and couldn't suppress a giggle.
"Well it's this or get chased up the street with camera's and have your face splashed all over magazines and papers tomorrow," Jon told her.
"Isn't that usually the idea?" Sophia asked him.
"Well we have used that approach before and probably will again, if your seen with people who will be big news then it's good for the bands publicity. It really irritates me though, I'd like us to be known for our music not because of who we went out with one night. The whole publicity outing thing becomes work - or so I've been told by the other guys. They weren't happy with the last tour," Jon explained about all that had happened while they were on tour and Sophia listened intently.
"Well since no-one knows who you are, lets do something stupid!" Sophia pulled Jon's hand and they started to run. They reached a childrens play park and Sophia let go of Jon's hand, shouting to him, "Catch me!" At first Jon was reluctant but eventually gave in and started chasing her. They ran all over the park, ducking and dodging slides and swings looking like some very overgrown children. Jon eventually caught up and knocked Sophia on the ground before sharing a passionate kiss.

As they arrived back at Sophia's apartment, she put the key in to open the front door, before she could stop herself she invited Jon in for another drink. It was exactly what she didn't want to do but the words rolled off her tongue as though someone else had said it. "Not tonight babe," Jon replied as he leaned in and kissed her goodnight before walking away. Oh great, now he thinks I'm some stupid groupie! Might as well have opened my legs and shouted "come on in!" she thought on the way up to her apartment. She couldn't help wondering though, why had he refused to come in? She thought he had enjoyed the night as much as she had. Pushing the thoughts from her head she went for a shower and jumped into bed.