Thursday, 13 November 2008

Chapter 4

Sophia smiled at her sister, there were some things she would have to tell her about. Sophia quickly explained that the stars should not be approached unless the matter is work related and informed her that she would likely meet him at some point during filming. The latter part of the conversation put a smile back on Victoria’s face while the two women continued their tour. Although Sophia continued to inform Victoria all about the set she could tell her sister’s mind was elsewhere, mostly likely thinking about her future meeting with Jon Bon Jovi. As though on cue, Sophia’s boss called her just as she had finished speaking with her sister. Wishing her good luck on her new job, Sophia made her way back to the dressing rooms where she worked.

Jon could hardly contain himself, he was so excited when the knock at the door informed him he would be required in the make up department in 10 minutes. Grabbing his script and making his way towards the door, he stopped at the mirror and spoke to himself, “You have to get a grip here. This is finally it; remember and act professional. No bursting through the door giving it a song and dance”. He smirked to himself, a song and a dance was just what he wanted to do right now, he wanted to show everyone how excited he was at being there but they feelings were overruled by his need to be professional and earn respect as an actor. Straightening himself up, he replaced his smile with a serious expression knowing it would show he meant business. Damn, I’m good, he thought as he realised how convincing his expression was and allowed himself a sly smile and a chuckle before turning serious again.

Sophia waited patiently at her make up station expecting Jon Bon Jovi to turn up late like most stars usually did. She felt a little guilty when she had been told who’s make up she would be doing, just a half hour ago she had told her sister to stay away from him and yet she would be doing his make up soon. She was almost shocked when she saw him approach the room on time, that was definitely a first in her books. Walking over to where her boss stood talking to him, she was introduced and told exactly how Jon would look at the end of his make up session. Leading him over to the chair, Sophia explained exactly what she would be doing to him. At first she was trying to make polite conversation as she always attempted with the stars, it was always 50/50 whether they would engage in the conversation or not and after a short period of yes or no answers Sophia gave up and continued working in silence. It wasn’t as though she was his biggest fan but she had seen them on t.v. before and couldn’t help feel disappointed by the man in the flesh and knew her sister would be even more so. He was nowhere near the charismatic character she had expected to meet and although she was annoyed by his lack of answers, it was his refusal to make eye contact that got to her most. She felt as if he thought he was so much better than her that she wasn’t even worth acknowledging.

Jon sat quietly in the make up chair, he had suddenly started to feel sick which he put down to the excitement he felt along with the realisation that he would finally be shooting the movie after the make up was completed. Feeling as though the make up artist could sense his nervousness, he chose to avoid communicating with her unless he had to. There was no way he was going to let anything go wrong now, no one else was going to doubt his ability, not until they saw him at work because after that, Jon knew they would see he had talent in more areas than just music. Leaving his seat as soon as he was finished he hurried toward the set, this was finally it.


allina_90 said...

I guess Jon isn't this kind of guy who feels much better than everybody else. But I can understand Sophia - I would also be disappointed if I'd meet him and he'd be like that..

I'm anxious to see what will happen next ;)

Sunstreaked said...

I really liked how you showed that they both read the other wrong and things weren't as they seemed on the surface.