Thursday, 13 November 2008

Chapter 6

“How the hell was I supposed to know who he was!” Sophia shouted at her sister who had argued with her all the way home over what had happened in the pub. “Everybody knows who Richie Sambora is! You really do live on another planet,” Victoria replied. “Well he wasn’t wearing a bloody name tag and I’m sure as hell not psychic so give it a rest will you,” Sophia said hoping she would finally be quiet. For all the times she wished her sister would talk more she found herself wishing she would shut up now. “I don’t know why your complaining anyway, he gave you his number didn’t he? He’s a much nicer person than that Jon too, he was a total asshole,” Sophia continued. “Well I can hardly give him a call now that he knows I hate his band mate and best friend that was just embarrassing,” Victoria explained, placing her hands on her cheeks in emphasis. “Your such a drama queen,” Sophia laughed as she made her way to her bedroom.

Jon awoke early the next morning to find Richie making him breakfast. Getting out of bed he showered and dressed making his way to sit at the table opposite a rather cheerful Richie. “I met someone you met yesterday, but she liked me better,” Richie grinned. “What are you on about?” Jon asked looking puzzled. “You pissed off a really hot woman and I found her in a bar. Really man, what were you thinking? She’s unbelievably hot and I gave her my number,” Richie continued to look pleased with himself. “And did she call?” Jon asked, hoping he knew the answer. “Give it time man,” Richie’s smile faltered. He had never had to wait more than a few hours for a call or at least a text, it was something he had become accustomed to since being famous, everyone came running. “Haha! Your losing your touch Richie, the hottie ain’t calling!” Jon couldn’t help but let his smile grow as Richie began to get irritated by him. As he left for work he could still hear Richie shouting out the door at him.

Sophia arrived at work with a still annoyed Victoria just in time to start. She was glad to know she wouldn’t be doing Jon’s make up this time and found the days work much easier and relaxed than the previous. There wasn’t much need for a lot of make up on anyone during filming so Sophia and other members of the crew allowed themselves a little time for some laughs and playing around. They congregated in the area where the trailers sat, well out of the way of filming and began to play around with some soft balls in a rule less game of dodge ball. At first Sophia was having a good time until she realised she was being watched from one of the trailers. Looking closely she realised it was Jon who looked rather angry at the commotion going on outside. “Would you like a game Mr Bon Jovi?” she asked in a mock posh tone as she jokingly curtsied. She had seemingly failed to amuse him as he rolled his eyes and slammed the window shut. Sophia shrugged her shoulders at the other’s enquiries and excused herself from the game wondering why the man hated her so much.

As Jon sat in his trailer trying to learn more of his script he had to constantly tell Richie to be quiet. He had came down to find out what a movie set was like and Jon had problems trying to get rid of him. Just as Richie finally began to settle down, he began to hear a lot of noise from outside and opened the window further to investigate. He couldn’t believe the crew were so noisy while filming was going on and he was trying to learn his lines. His rage grew as the woman from make up asked him to play and even had the guts to curtsy to him. Pulling the window shut he flew into a rant before realising Richie had left him alone. Looking out the opposite side of the trailer he could see Richie sitting on a bench with the woman Jon had offended the day before. Oh great, he thought, today just gets better and better, he’s going to be bragging about her all night.


allina_90 said...

Poor Jon.. But his behaviour does not exactly seem like pure professionalism but more than arrogance.. That's quite a pity!

Sunstreaked said...

I kinda like this cranky Jon. He can then get to make it up by being really, really nice!