Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Chapter 10

The following morning they all woke up early as they had been instructed before. Richie’s parents refused to tell them what they had planned until after breakfast so everyone finished their meals as quickly as possible. Richie’s parents finally revealed they were going to put activities in a hat and each couple would pick one out and take part in it during day. Before Jon could protest he had been paired up with Sophia since they were the only two without a partner. Jon reluctantly picked out a piece of paper which revealed they would be going to a theme park together. He was worried about spending the day with Sophia especially after their disagreement the night before. “I’m going to have fun even if it kills me!” Sophia said as she grabbed Jon by the hand and left the house with him trailing behind her. This is going to be interesting, Jon thought.

At the theme park the two of them were silent and uneasy around each other for the first half hour but eventually Sophia noticed Jon relax more and she saw a more fun side to his personality. They went on all the rides they could se at least once and Sophia felt embarrassed at grabbing hold of Jon’s hand and screaming every time they came to a drop on the rollercoaster’s which Jon teased her about. She was finally starting to see him as a person rather than the business-first rock star she had met on set all those months ago. Despite the many different opinions they had, they were getting along well and played off each other a lot. Sophia was impressed by his determination to win her the biggest teddy bear available and couldn’t stop laughing at his expression when they had left the theme park and Sophia told him, “I don’t really like teddy bears.” Jon had paused and then threw the teddy bear at her knocking her down causing her and the teddy bear to start rolling down the hill. Hearing Jon shout, “That looks like fun!” Made her laugh even harder as she tried to see him rolling down behind her and the bear.

“Can you show me around town?” Sophia asked Jon when he asked her what she wanted to do now. He was surprised at her wanting to see the area as there wasn’t really much to show. “There’s not much to see around here, it’s pretty small,” he had warned her before they set off. “There’s plenty to see if you tell the stories right,” she replied. Jon was confused at her wanting to know all about the area and wondered why she was listening to all his silly stories from when he was growing up and the trouble he and Richie used to get into, most people only asked him what it was like being a rock star and part of one of the biggest bands in the world. He almost didn’t know what to say of his past. He found the time had flew past and they had spent hours walking around town and laughing at the stories he had been telling.

As the sun set on the water Sophia and Jon went to the end of the pier to watch the beautiful sight. Sophia found herself confused about Jon, she couldn’t understand why the man was so nice to her today and yet can just as easily be horrible to her. She really enjoyed his company and hoped he would stay this version of himself the next time she saw him. They remained silent for a time while they watched the sun disappear in front of them both in awe at the beauty of it. They then remained deep in conversation until the sky had turned completely dark and Richie crept up on them giving them a fright causing them both to clash heads as they turned to see who it was. The three of them laughed at the incident all the way back to Richie’s parents house.


Anonymous said...

Great story. Wow - Jon's up and down like a rollarcoaster, lol. Wonder when he's gonna get his ass out of his head & realizes he actually likes her.

Can't wait to read more.


allina_90 said...

Colleen is absolutely right - when will he admit he actually likes her?

I also can't wait to read more of your story, really love it!

Sunstreaked said...

Good chapter. Liked how they finally noticed and liked their diferences.

“There’s not much to see around here, it’s pretty small,” he had warned her before they set off. “There’s plenty to see if you tell the stories right,” she replied.

Those were some great lines!