Thursday, 27 November 2008

Chapter 11

Sophia woke up early the next morning, she was determined to do something as a gesture for being welcomed to stay in the house, so she decided on making everyone a special breakfast. She was half way through the cooking when Richie's mum found her in the kitchen. "There will be no guest of mine doing the cooking, sit down and I'll get it finished," she told her. Sophia refused to leave explaining that she wasn't going to sit around and let her run after her all day. The two of them continued to bicker until they burst out laughing and agreed they would finish the breakfast together. "Jesus woman, your as stubborn now as the first day I met you, I could hear you from the bedroom," Richie's dad said as he kissed his wife good morning before greeting Sophia. As they all sat down together for breakfast, the two women dished out the food and joined them. "For having two stubborn assed cooks in the kitchen, that turned out to be one hell of a good breakfast. Thank-you ladies," Richie's dad continued, "Jon, theres the kind of woman you want, it's about time you got yourself a nice girl." Sophia felt her cheeks turn red as Jon looked up from his plate and gave her that big smile as he shrugged his shoulders in reply to Richie's dad. Sophia started to clean up the table as everyone finished eating and couldn't help wonder why she had been so embarrassed earlier, she also noticed she was paying more attention to Jon - a lot more.

Jon was getting irritated at having to wait on everyone else getting dressed for dinner. They had decided to go out to a restaurant by the water for a meal and a couple of drinks which he was looking forward to until he realised how long it was taking the rest of them to get dressed. He continued to pace along the hallway continually glancing at his watch. "You know that no matter how many times you look at that watch it still won't make them arrive any quicker," Sophia said as she walked down the stairs. Oh shit! Jon thought, she was wearing a long red dress almost identical to the one he had dreamt about her wearing. She was looking even better in reality than she had in the dream. "Put the eyes back in the sockets man, that's my girlfriends sister, she won't be amused," Richie said to Jon as he playfully shoved him out the way.

The journey to the restaurant went quickly and before they knew it they had been seated and their orders had been taken. Once again Jon had been placed opposite Sophia since they were the only single people there. He almost wished he hadn't been sat so close to her because he couldn't keep his eyes off her. They chatted to each other all through the first two courses and were having a really good time until one of the waiters dropped some plates behind Sophia. She immediately got up to help the red faced young boy clean up and before he had the chance to take the words back, they had already escaped his mouth, "Don't bother helping him, if he can't do his job properly he should deal with the mess." He had no idea why he had said it and the look on Sophia's face proved it was uncalled for. She calmly sat herself down at the table once again before growling at Jon, "And I suppose you've never made a mistake." Jon had no idea what to say to her. Now he was definitely confused about her, why does she hate everything I do? It wasn't that bad a comment to make, was it? Oh that woman is driving me mad! he thought.

Sophia couldn't believe Jon could be so harsh to the waiter. What had he ever done to offend him? she wondered. She chose to ignore him for the rest of the meal which proved to be a much more difficult task than first anticipated. She noticed every movement he made and as the night went on Jon's shirt began to open further at the top to reveal some of his tanned and toned body. Whoever thought ignoring someone would be so hard? Sophia thought to herself. There was no way she would give in and speak to him first, she would wait until he apologised to the waiter before she would speak another word to him.

Jon excused himself from the table shortly after Sophia, partly because he was curious to where she had gone and partly because he wanted to apologise to her. It didn't take him long to find her, she was standing at the edge of the water staring into the distance surrounded by the romantic lights of the restaurant - she was the most beautiful thing Jon had ever seen. He slowly made his way towards her unsure of what to say. "Hey," he said as he finally reached her side, all other words seeming to have left him at that moment in time. He left like a first class idiot, standing there beside her in silence with his hands in his pockets wishing for a braincell to take his side and produce something for him to say. "I don't wanna be like him," Jon spoke so fast Sophia had to ask him to repeat it. "I once done that same shitty job before the band made it big and I don't want to be back there again, it was nothing against him and I don't know why it even came out, I'm sorry," he said as he moved to face her. "I assume you apologised to him?" Sophia asked. "," Jon replied looking at the floor. "Your a stubborn asshole!" Sophia shook her head in frustration as she turned to walk away. Jon grabbed her by the hand and spun her towards him until their eyes connected before pulling her close and allowing his lips to slowly meet hers in a passionate kiss.


allina_90 said...

Ohhh, I guess she won't be too delighted about the kiss, will she? She must be quite angry about him - I'd surely be..

Please post a new chapter soon. I simply can't wait to read more! ;)

Sunstreaked said...

Now Jon's being insecure, not just cranky. Nice chapter. Good to see that neither is perfect, but do seem to be trying!