Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Chapter 12

"What the hell are you doing?" Sophia asked him, standing back looking shocked. Jon stood looking at his feet in silence. Where had that come from? Why did I do that? he asked himself.
"Stay away from me Jon", Sophia told him as she turned to leave.
"From what I recall there was two sides to that kiss", Jon shouted after her. Sophia continued to walk away with Jon following close behind.
"I told you to leave me alone", Sophia growled at him.
"I will just as soon as you tell me you never felt anything when we kissed, I know I felt it", Jon managed to get in front of her and stop her in her tracks. Sophia stood looking at him for a short time, expressionless, before shaking her head and pushing passed him.
"Your nuts! Your such a self obsessed asshole that you'll make things up just to get what you want!" She continued to march away from him.
"You've got me all wrong babe. I definitely felt something during that kiss and you did too", he smiled at her as he caught up with her once more. "Will you just stop running and talk to me, if you never felt a thing then prove it". Sophia stopped walking and turned to look at him, "What the hell are you on about now?"
Jon flashed her his best smile before saying, "If you kiss me right now and tell me honestly that you never felt anything then I'll stop running after you and leave you alone". Sophia considered his words and then quickly brought her lips to his as they shared a second kiss.

"There, are you happy now? I didn't feel a thing!" Sophia shouted.
"Yeah, I'm happy but I still don't believe you, if you didn't feel anything the first time then you wouldn't have agreed to kiss me again", Jon grinned. Sophia looked stunned for a second and then a smile crossed her face. She couldn't help it, the guy had been so right and had managed to catch her out too. She tried to turn away before Jon saw her face but it was too late, he had spotted his sign to keep moving.
"I know I said that if you told me that you didn't feel anything I would leave you alone and I'm a man of my word, but how about we're just two people heading home in the same direction? Is that allowed?" Jon asked as he put his arm around her and they started walking again.
"Piss off Jon!" Sophia told him through laughter as she pushed him away. Jon in turn playfully nudged her back and they continued home together.

The next morning Sophia woke up unsure what she would say to Jon when she saw him at breakfast. She didn't know how she felt about him or how to analyse his behaviour. Was he really feeling what she felt? or was it just another way to get what he wants? She didn't understand the man in the slightest, everytime she thought she had him worked out he would pull another stunt and they would be back at square one again. Pulling herself away from her thoughts, she got out of bed and got dressed, taking a deep breath at the top of the stairs to work up the courage to face Jon at the breakfast table.
"Darling, if I make you breathless from a kiss the night before, then just imagine how you would feel if we spent the night together", Jon appeared behind her and kissed her on the neck as he brushed passed her on the stairs. This guy's unreal, he knows exactly what he does to women. Don't wobble Sophia, don't let it show, she thought to herself.
"Don't flatter yourself, darling and isn't it ladies first?" Sophia replied as she pushed passed him on the stairs.

Jon couldn't believe her reaction to him on the stairs, that had never happened to him before. Most women melt at the slightest touch from him and yet she was telling him not to flatter himself. He couldn't work her out but it only made him want her more. He hadn't spoke since breakfast and found himself constantly thinking up ways to win over Sophia. It was going to be his new challenge he decided, no-one had ever made him feel that way from one kiss and no-one had ever treated him the way she did. Still thinking up his plans as he made his way back to his room, he was distracted by the sound of voices from the living room. It was Victoria's voice he could hear and was about to keep walking when he heard her say, "Yeah, your right, I'm with Richie because he's rich and famous, just think of the life I'll have and the career prospects".


Sunstreaked said...

Uh oh! Victoria said what? No, no! Richie needs a great girl...ack!

Gotta go read more!

allina_90 said...

Ehm... I'm kind of confused. Did she really say this?