Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Chapter 13

Sophia found her sister sitting in the living room and couldn't help but stand and watch her from the doorway for a few minutes. She was the happiest Sophia had ever seen her.
"Look at the state of you", Sophia said, startling her sister.
"You always sneaking up on people?" Victoria asked.
"Your sitting here like a love sick puppy, it's disgusting!" Sophia teased her.
"I can't help it, he's just amazing! I've never met anyone like him before and he told me he loves me", Victoria beamed. Sophia was pleased for her sister, it was clear she loved him too.
"Your lying, you only love him for his money. Admit it", Sophia teased.
"Yeah, your right, I'm with Richie because he's rich and famous, just think of the life I'll have and the career prospects", Victoria played along. "No, seriously sis, I really love him. I've never felt like this before". Sophia studied her sister for a minute before giving her a big hug and saying, "I know sis, I know. Now pass some of that love around!"

Jon burst into Richie's room telling him to sit down. "What got you all fired up?" Richie asked Jon, amazed at how angry his friend was.
"She's taking you for a ride!" Jon half shouted, attempting to keep his anger under control. Richie's face dropped, "What are you talking about bud?" Jon paced up and down the room and explained to his best friend what he had just heard from Victoria.
"You sure it was Victoria who said it?" Richie asked solemnly.
"Well who the hell else is dating a Richie around here. It was her, I know her voice", Jon threw his words at him and then watched Richie try and take it all in. "Think about it bud. It was me she wanted first, remember on set? You were her second choice and her plan worked perfectly, you fell for her big time! Hell, even I believed she was real!" Jon told his best friend. Richie had tears in his eyes when he spoke, "Thanks for letting me know, but can I have a minute on my own?" Richie opened the door to let Jon out, barely looking at him so not to reveal the tears in his eyes. Jon patted him on the shoulder as he left, "I'm sorry, I had to tell you". Richie nodded at him and closed the door.

Sophia was on her way back to her room when she heard someone crying hysterically. Pushing the door open, she found her sister sitting on the floor sobbing into her hands. "What is it?" Sophia asked, panic in her voice.
"He doesn't want anything to do with me. He told me to leave and never come back", Victoria eventually managed to sat through her tears. Sophia was confused especially after their chat earlier. She put her arms around her sister to comfort her. "He was so angry, I don't even know what I've done wrong. Why did he tell me he loves me and then do this?", Victoria burst into tears again.
"Well is that's how he really is then he's not worth crying over", Sophia felt her anger growing, she didn't know what to say to her sister, "Lets get packed and get out of that assholes life!" Eventually she got Victoria to calm down and they packed her things first before heading to Sophia's room to do the same. Once they were packed, they called for a taxi to the airport and left quietly without saying goodbye to anyone.

Jon stood by Richie's side watching them leave from an upstairs window. He was unsure how he felt about the whole situation. He never thought he would have to break news like that to anyone in his life and it hurt to see Richie as sad and angry as he was. Yet he was glad that he had seen Victoria for what she was before things went any further between them. Sophia however, was another matter altogether, he had no idea how he felt about her leaving. He knew she was loyal to her sister but a sadness filled him when he watched her leave. He spent the next few hours watching Richie closely and knew that his friend needed something to take his mind off things. "Back to work?" Jon asked. Richie looked at him, managing a slight smile and replied, "Back to work Jon".


Sunstreaked said...

Well, hell. That is so not going the way I thought it would! Good! I love surprises.

Hope you continue posting. I'll be checking for sure.

allina_90 said...

My God, how could someone be so cruel? Now they left, how will it go on? With Victoria and Richie, but especially with Sophia and Jon?