Thursday, 18 December 2008

Chapter 15

Jon being his usual self was early on set again. He enjoyed arriving before the rest of the cast as it gave him the opportunity to relax before work began. Relaxing was something of a problem for him right now, he still blamed himself for the state Richie was in. If he hadn't told him what he heard his best friend wouldn't be sitting in rehab right now. Jon was moping around the set when he heard Sophia's voice in the make up room. Careful not to let her see him, he glanced into the room to see Sophia talking to what Jon assumed was a trainee. He still wasn't sure how he felt about her and after watching her for a further few minutes he forced himself to walk on. He wanted to speak to her but wasn't sure what to say or whether he should since she was Victoria's sister. Eventually he pushed the matter aside choosing to go back to his trailer and concentrate on his script.

Sophia was busy showing Rachel, her new trainee, how to get the best effect from the make up she was using when she spotted Jon walking around the set. She knew he was watching her but refused to acknowledge him, unsure if it would appear as being disloyal to her sister. Part of her wanted to talk to him but a big part of her still didn't understand the man in the slightest. Their meetings before had always ended up as an argument and that was something she didn't want on the first day of filming. "Girl, you've used that colour at least 10 times now, you feeling okay?" Rachel asked her.
"I'm so sorry Rachel! I'm miles away," Sophia replied.
"Well, as long as it's sunny there hunny I'll forgive ya!" Rachel smiled. She then told Rachel about the whole situation as she had grown to trust the trainee and found her more of a friend than a student. "Are you mad girl? Go for it! I know I would! No chance would I be sneaking around avoiding Jon Bon Jovi", Rachel told her. It was simple for everyone else but they seemed to be blinded by his fame, that was what drew others towards him but was the thing Sophia hated most. She didn't know what to do about him.

Jon had been pacing up and down his trailer for most of the morning while he wasn't filming. He still couldn't decide what he should do regarding Sophia. After much thought he decided the best thing to do was call Richie and find out what he thought about it. "Go for it bud! No point in the two of us being miserable", Richie had told him. Richie had been pretty surprised at his view and wondered why Jon had even thought it would bother him, as far as he was concerned Sophia and Victoria were two different people and he trusted Jon as a good judge of character. After their conversation Jon took a while to work up the courage to go in and talk to Sophia. He stood at the door waiting for the room to empty a bit more before he went in. He was making polite conversation and tried to sound natural even thought they both felt awkward but he soon became more confident and before he could stop himself he had asked her out to dinner. He had thought they were getting on quite well but her reaction to the dinner suggestion proved otherwise. She didn't look impressed and the look she did give was enough to cause him to leave without an answer.

Sophia stood beside her work station thinking about their conversation. It wasn't that she wasn't wanting to go to dinner with him, she had just never thought about it and with him asking during their first conversation since the whole Richie and Victoria thing she was taken by surprise. "Was I horrible to him there?" Sophia asked Rachel.
"Ice cold, girlfriend that was harsh but I'll be happy to take him off your hands", Rachel replied with a wink.
"I better go find him and apologise", Sophia told her as she left the room. She had been walking around the set for some time before she found Jon going into a small building. Reaching the door closely behind him she entered and slammed the door behind her.


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I didn't expect Sophia to be willing to apologize. That some kind of new character trait...

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