Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Chapter 9

Victoria had been seeing Richie for 8 months now and was still as happy as ever with him. Sophia was surprised when she asked her to join them in New Jersey for a family gathering at Richie’s mums house. At first Sophia had refused to go telling Victoria she would just be in the way but after a week Victoria and Richie had convinced her to go. She couldn’t help laugh at how nervous she felt going to stay with her sisters boyfriends parents for a few days, Victoria tried to make her feel more at ease as she had met them a number of times and really liked them. All the way to New Jersey, Richie and Victoria teased her about how nervous she was. “You would think we were the Addams family the way your going on,” Richie laughed. She had no idea why she was so nervous at meeting them but felt it had something to do with knowing Jon was going to be there. She didn’t want to spend the next few days with a man who hated her.

Jon arrived at Richie’s mums house early and unpacked his things, he had been such a frequent visitor of the Sambora’s that they had given him his own room in the house. He loved going to their house for dinner his mum was such a good cook. When he was finished unpacking he made himself useful in the kitchen until Richie finally arrived just before dinner. He greeted his best friend with a manly hug before kissing Victoria on the cheek and looked stunned when he saw Sophia emerge from the car and waved a polite hello. As they unpacked Jon set the table making sure he would be sitting far from Sophia. The rest of Richie’s family arrived and they ate dinner together. It took Jon a while to settle in after finding out Sophia was there but he eventually relaxed and began to enjoy himself.

Sophia got along well with Richie’s family and liked them a lot. She was surprised at how well her sister already knew most of them and got along with them she was like part of the family. “So you and him really are best buds then?” Sophia found herself asking Richie about Jon. “He’s not as bad as you think,” Richie laughed. “He’s a great guy, he’s just not as sure of himself as he likes to make out. He’s way too involved in all the business side of things I think he sometimes forgets who he is. He works hard and we love him for it but sometimes a little too hard and he forgets about the fun things in life.” Sophia found herself watching Jon and for the first time she realised how good looking he was. His long blonde hair hung over his gorgeous blue eyes that were even more noticeable due to the blue shirt he wore. Sophia’s eyes darted back to the shirt which she could tell covered a perfectly sculpted body and then she was distracted by his smile. That famous smile that everyone loved, she had only just noticed it and it caused a flutter within her. Is he really Mr split personality businessman or was Richie just standing up for his friend? She thought as she continued to study him.

Jon was clearing up the table when he noticed a picture of an actress in one of Richie’s cousins magazines with no make up on and looking terrible. He couldn’t help it, the businessman inside him had to say it, “That can’t be good for business. Look at the state of her, you would think she would make more of an effort being in the public eye.” Almost before he had finished the sentence Sophia had stepped in with her point of view. “Are you for real? She’s just a normal person she might have children to look after as well as juggling work, maybe she just didn’t have the time for her appearance. Do you wake up in the morning looking perfect? I sure as hell don’t and I would be pretty pissed off at someone taking my picture while I’m at home minding my own business,” Sophia said, much to the agreement of most of Richie’s family which made Jon feel bad. That woman’s out to get me, he thought.


allina_90 said...

Well, I'm anxious to see how this encounter will go on ;)

Sunstreaked said...

Have to admit I'm cracking up over how those two lock horns! Nice to see some conflict in a story, makes the get together very satisfying.