Monday, 17 November 2008

Chapter 7

The following morning Sophia was abruptly woken by her sister jumping on her bed. “You’ve got to get up now! I’ve waited ages so get up I’ve got loads to tell you,” Victoria said as she pulled the covers off her sister in an attempt to get her to move. Eventually rolling out of bed she got washed and dressed and joined her sister at the table. Before she could sit down Victoria had burst into an excited rant about her date with Richie the night before. She didn’t expect to ever see him again or take him up on giving him a call so she was shocked when she bumped into him on set and he offered to take her out to dinner. She continued her rant for another 20 minutes while Sophia tried hard to keep up with what she was saying. “So what do you think?” Victoria asked her about seeing Richie again tonight. Sophia smiled, “If he makes you that happy sis, go for it”. Victoria swung her arms around her sister, she knew she would see him again tonight anyway it just meant a lot to her that her sister approved.

Jon spent the first half of the day in his trailer making business calls as he wasn’t needed on set until later in the day. Although it was hard work he was enjoying acting and the publicity for the band that it was generating. He had noticed that the website views had doubled since it was announced that he was taking part in the film and found it funny how after only a couple of days on set there were rumours going around that he was seeing one of the other actresses on set. At first he thought it was amusing until his business brain kicked in and realised he could use it as more publicity once the initial uproar had quietened down. Mentally noting the idea he cleared up the table and made his way down to the make up department.

Sophia once again didn’t have to wait long for Jon to turn up. She was nervous about starting his make up incase he mentioned the day before to her so opted for silently nodding a greeting and kept the whole situation professional. She was glad when she spotted Richie approach who greeted her with a big hug, much to Jon’s confusion. “She’s Victoria’s sister,” Richie told him in reply to his puzzled look. “So am I permitted to take her out tonight?” he asked Sophia jokingly. “What? You’re seeing her again?” Jon asked. “Too right! She’s great! I just came down to ask you what would be best to wear. I’ve got it down to the blue shirt or the black shirt, what you think?” Richie asked. “She must have made an impression. Go for the blue shirt I like that one,” Jon replied, pleased that his friend had asked him for advice on what to wear. “Sorry to interrupt but I reckon the black shirt would look better,” Sophia offered her advice. “You haven’t even seen them,” Jon blurted out. “Yeah but blues more suited to you whereas he has dark hair and eyes that would work well with black, just offering my opinion, sorry,” Sophia replied. “Who asked for it?” Jon grumbled. “Black it is then!” Richie said as he wandered away again.

Jon arrived home still angry at having been overruled on his opinion of what Richie should wear. Who the hell is she to give her opinion, Jon thought as he turned his laptop on to check his emails. Before he knew it he found himself googling the make up artists name and found he was impressed by the work she had done and decided she was more qualified than him to tell Richie what to wear which made him laugh. He packed the laptop away and sat himself comfortably in one of the chairs to watch the t.v. Sophia sexily moved towards him, as though she was stuck in slow motion. She wore a long red dress with a slit running up the side, she was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen and felt his breath catch as she approached. Slowly she placed one knee on either side of him and placed a hand on his neck as he looked directly into her captivating eyes before she lowered her head allowing her luscious lips to meet with his. Bang! Jon jumped up as Richie shut the door awakening him. “What time is it?” Jon asked, unsure of how long he had been sleeping and slightly bewildered by his dream.


allina_90 said...

I really start to dislike Jon.

But he it seems he's not that disaffected of Sophia ;)

Sunstreaked said...

Gotta love when Richie pulls a fast one on Jon. Liking the tension between Jon and Sophia.