Thursday, 13 November 2008

Chapter 5

The minute the cameras started rolling Jon was in his zone. He was completely unaware of what the camera crew and others were doing around him, all he was concerned with was his own performance and what his co-stars were doing. He got irritated at how long it took for things to be ready between scenes but soon got used to how it worked and used the time as extra study of his script. He had been the only one so far that had not messed up his lines and caused filming to stop which comforted him knowing he could better the famous stars he was working beside. He was especially pleased when a couple of them who had ignored him at first had made an effort to go to him and apologise and even congratulate him on his performance. It had been a long day and when Jon arrived back at his trailer he couldn’t think about anything but getting home to his bed for a good nights sleep before coming back for more of the same the next morning.

Sophia found Victoria after she finished work and told her all about Jon and how he had behaved while having his make up done. Victoria refused to believe her, there was no way Jon would act like that, she’s just winding me up, she thought. “Well here’s your chance, he’s just came out his trailer if you hurry you will catch him,” Sophia pointed towards him. Victoria looked hesitant, she always wanted to meet him but had no idea what she would say when she finally had the chance. Quickly glancing in a window at her reflection, she smoothed her hair and made her way towards Jon.

Jon noticed the blonde woman approach and attempted to get away before she had caught up with him. He was too slow, the blonde woman shouted his name, although it was quiet he still felt it was loud enough to have to acknowledge her. Turning towards the woman he barked, “Is there a problem?” Victoria’s expression changed from excitement to bitter disappointment, this was not how meeting Jon Bon Jovi was supposed to go. Before the woman managed to say anything, Jon realised she held a Bon Jovi album in her hand along with a pen. All too late he realised that she was a fan looking for an autograph and not the unwanted personal assistant he had sent away earlier after explaining he had his own. Flashing his famous smile he tried to apologise to the woman who by now had gone from disappointment to anger. “Oh don’t bother, it’s clearly too much of a fuss,” Victoria said as she marched away. Jon swore loudly and ran his hand through his hair in frustration before making his way back to his trailer where he had left his car keys.

Sophia had watched her sisters encounter with Jon and was surprised when she walked away from him as she had expected her to fall at his feet and hang on to his every word. As they left the main building Sophia offered to buy her sister a drink in the local pub hoping it would calm her down. She clearly couldn’t believe the man of her dreams could be so horrible to her. Entering the pub, Victoria excused herself to make a phone call while Sophia ordered up their drinks at the bar. “You look like you’ve had as good a day as me,” said a tall, dark haired man who had appeared at the bar to her left. “Well I take it yours wasn’t so great either? I’ve got to try and cheer up my sister now, you know that Jon Bon Jovi guy? Well he wasn’t too nice to her there so she’s pretty upset,” Sophia told the man who seemed amused at what she had told him. As Victoria arrived at the bar the man moved towards her, “So you must be the sister.” He leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. Victoria was speechless for a minute before she stuttered, “How do you know my sister?” The man laughed, “She was just telling me how horrible Jon was to you.” Victoria blushed and turned to Sophia, “Why the hell would you tell Richie Sambora that?”


allina_90 said...

I bet Sophia sits there now thinking: "Oh, this is... oh shit!"

You've made up a great story line here ;)

Sunstreaked said...

OMG! Laughing!

"Why the hell would you tell Richie Sambora that?"

Great, great line!