Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Chapter 8

Richie paused at the door and laughed at Jon’s startled expression. “You been sitting up waiting on me to come home daddy?” Richie teased. Jon couldn’t help but grin, “I must have fallen asleep.” Jon was shocked to find it was 3am, he thought he had only nodded off for a half hour. “So how was the date then?” Jon asked Richie. The minute the words left his lips he regretted it knowing he was going to get a long detailed story from Richie. Through the next hour Richie spoke non-stop about Victoria and their date together. Jon could tell he was really into this one, he hadn’t seen him like that over a woman before and he hadn’t even brought her home yet which was a big change for Richie who had developed a reputation for having a different woman in his bed wherever he went. Jon eventually made his way to bed leaving Richie in front of the t.v. like an excited puppy.

Sophia ignored her sisters whispers, pretending she was asleep when she heard her quietly call her name to see if she was awake. She wanted to hear what her sister had to say but was just too tired to give it her full attention, instead she smiled to herself at her sisters excited tone and went back to sleep. Waking up in the morning she allowed herself the pleasure of annoyingly waking up Victoria by banging two pots together in her ear causing her to jump up and hit her head on them, much to Sophia’s amusement. Pulling her sister out of bed she could hardly stop laughing. By time she had got washed and dressed her sister had calmed down and was ready to tell her all about the night before. Sophia listened all the while grinning away at how happy her sister was, she never imagined Victoria dating a rock star.

In make up Jon couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable around Sophia following the dream he had. He wasn’t usually one for dreaming at all so that made him more aware of Sophia’s presence in the room. He found it more helpful to complain about her to everyone that would listen, telling them she was rude and always had her nose in things that were none of her business. At the same time he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. He noticed every part of her was just as beautiful in the flesh as it had been in the dream and wondered how he had dreamed her up so perfectly when he hadn’t really looked at her in such detail before now. By the end of the day he felt guilty over what he had been saying to other people about her and couldn’t help but ask himself why he was acting so cruelly.

Sophia arrived home late that night as she stayed behind to help the rest of the crew tidy up so the set was ready for the following day. No matter how hard she tried she found it impossible to remove the thoughts of Jon from her mind. She had noticed him watching her all day and could at times hear parts of the conversations he was having in which he constantly complained about her. She had worked with some horrible stars before but his behaviour was taking it to a new level. She couldn’t understand what she had done to make him hate her so much. “Your obsessed with him,” Victoria had told her when she continued to complain about him late into the night. Sophia considered her sisters words and decided she was paying too much attention to him. “Your right! Who cares what Jon Bon Jovi thinks anyway?” she replied, all the while continuing to try and figure out why he hated her.


allina_90 said...

Hmm.. I'm interested in the subject when Jon will give his bad behaviour a rest..

You did a great job with writing this story. I have to keep reading, all the time wanting to know what will happen next. ;)

Sunstreaked said...

Cute chapter. Love how excited Richie and Victoria were. It was a good complement to how confused Jon and Sophia are about the other.

Lynda Claire said...

I tjust Found This story, I like it very much. Hmmm this doesn't sound like Jon at all!
I think Jon has a thing For Sophie! Hmmm