Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Chapter 32

Sophia woke up the next morning with her phone ringing. She heard Jon moan as she slid out of bed to answer the call. It was Gerard, he had heard she was in Town and wanted to come down and see her since he was passing through. It was just what Sophia needed to see a friendly face and she wasn't too convinced that he had been passing through today. It seemed a little more than coincidence that the day he chooses to visit is the day after Jon hits newspapers for kissing a woman other than his girlfriend but she gave him the benefit of the doubt. If he was lying she'd know when she see's him and put him straight. They arranged to meet in the hotel for dinner at 5pm. That would give both of them time to get things sorted beforehand and enjoy the rest of the night catching up. She said goodbye and hung up the phone before deciding to get ready instead of going back to bed. Gerard's call had brightened up the start of her day so she wasn't willing to ruin it so fast by waking Jon up to tell him about it. She left a note and went shopping instead.

Jon woke up late, his head pounding in the aftermath of last nights drinking. The last thing he wanted to hear was Sophia's news of dinner with Gerard. As if the hangover wasn't bad enough he would need to spend the day pretending to like this guy. As dinnertime approached they both got dressed and headed down to meet Gerard. Sophia decided on her little red dress with a low cut back while Jon threw on a pair of jeans and a blue shirt. As Jon expected, Gerard was already at the table as they arrived and greeted them with an over-enthusiastic welcome. Jon's attention wandered as Sophia and Gerard recapped on what they had been up to over the past few months. It wasn't as bad an experience as he had anticipated, but certainly wasn't a bundle of laughs. As soon as dinner was over he excused himself to sit with some of the crew in the bar. He wasn't best pleased with leaving Sophia alone with Gerard but he couldn't stand his company any longer. Two hours and a good few drinks later, Jon noticed Gerard at the other side of the bar. He angled himself so he could get a better view as he looked for Sophia but didn't like what he saw. Just as he had found a clear view he saw Gerard with his lips locked on Sophia's, his hands tracing down her almost bare back that was revealed by the dress. Jon was in shock, although he had suspected it, he never thought they would be this careless. Was she getting back at me? He didn't know but was more than willing to take it out on the pretty young blond already drooling over him. Without a word he took her by the hand and led her out of the bar.

Sophia headed back to the hotel room, she had spent half the night looking for Jon since Gerard had found himself some new entertainment while they were catching up and didn't want to get in the way. She thought he would be in the bar with the rest of the guys but by time she arrived he had left. She even stopped by Richie and Tico's rooms to find out if they had seen him but no-one knew where he was. Running out of ideas she decided to head back to her room to see if Jon's hangover had gotten the better of him and had gone to bed. She quietly slid the door open so she wouldn't wake him. Once inside she could hear noise coming from the bedroom and then noticed two glasses of wine and a trail of clothing leading to a closed door. She knew exactly what was happening but something drove her forward as if she wouldn't truly believe it until she could witness it with her own eyes. She pushed the door open, disturbing the couple and stood there frozen. The voice that spoke didn't sound like her own, it was further away and weak, "Jon?" the distant word that seemed to clear the mist in her mind. "Just for the fans, eh Jon?" The realisation hit her and she whirled on her feet, running for the door, the tears pouring down her face. Her mascara creating dark tracks where the tears had flowed.

Jon couldn't believe how badly Sophia had taken it, "What was she expecting after messing around with him? Yes honey, we can have him round at weekends as your little fuck buddy and I'll wait quietly for my turn?" He was on so much of a rant pacing through the hotel room that the girl he had just taken to bed had gathered her things and slid out the door without him noticing. He poured himself another drink and calmed down enough to stop ranting. He decided the best option was to sit at the bar and get drunk. Richie eventually took the seat beside Jon and ordered up a coke. "What's up with your face?" he asked Jon after realising he was in a mood. Jon just shrugged his shoulders and stared into his glass again. He only took notice when he heard Richie greet Gerard who had just came through the door. "Hey! Where's that little brunette with the red dress gone that I saw you with earlier? She was a real hot..." Jon stood up, "What the fuck are you playing at? You think you can just have her? She was mine!" Gerard was taken by surprise and his expression of confusion almost mirrored Richie's before his turned to anger.
"I don't know what your problem is mate, but take it out on someone else. And could you stop calling Sophia yours, that girl doesn't belong to anyone, you just treat her like a possession, so don't start on me," Gerard roared in his Scottish accent.
"What did you say?" Jon turned to Richie as Gerard finished speaking. His eyes were wide in horror as he seemed to think Richie had told him something and he completely ignored Gerard. Richie and Gerard exchanged a concerned glance. "Jon it was Gerard who spoke just there, you feeling okay?" Richie asked.
"He's lost his marbles!" Gerard said as Jon continued to stare wide eyed at Richie.
"Before him, about him. The girl in the red dress. Who was she?" Jon rushed his words.
"Some chick Gerard picked up in the bar," Richie answered. "The same dress as Sophia's? Red and backless?" Jon urged. Richie looked at Gerard for the answer. "Yeah, that's how we got talking, Sophia spoke to her first about the dress, why?" Gerard still looked confused. Jon looked like he had been hit by a bus. He sank back into his chair and put his head in his hands. "Richie, I've fucked up, big time," he barely whispered, his voice cracking.

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Alina said...

That was the most stupid thing Jon could have done. What is this about man that they dislike talking about a problem so much?

Jon really fucked up this time, I'm curious how he will get out of his thing and explain Sophia..