Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Chapter 29

Jon was pacing up and down the hallway after the show. Richie had told Dave and Tico to take the first car and Jon and him would take the second. Just like Richie to offer up our ride when I want out of here, Jon thought.
"Hey Jon, the car's here for us," Richie shouted from the back entrance to the stadium. About time too, Jon thought as he made his way out of the building. Once they were inside the car, Jon noticed Richie was behaving oddly. He hardly spoke a word but sat there grinning like an idiot. "Hey, you've gone the wrong way driver," Jon raised his voice as he realised they had just passed their hotel. "It's cool Jon, he knows where to go," Richie grinned.
"You lost your marbles, Richie? We've just passed the hotel," Jon said, his tone between confusion and worry.
"No hotel for you tonight bud. Nope, no hotel where your going," Richie replied, trying his best not to let him know where they were going or even more so, who he was about to see. He decided on not speaking for the rest of the journey and just ignored Jon's complaints. The car finally stopped at the end of the harbour. "This is your stop bud," Richie beamed. "Best not keep the lady waiting."

Sophia heard the car pull up outside the boat and gave herself one last check in the mirror before she made her way out to meet him. She couldn't believe how nervous she felt and she had only been away from him for a couple of days. She watched from the shadows as Jon started chasing after the car that was leaving and suppressed a giggle. She waited just a few more moments before stepping out into the lights of the silent harbour. "You look a little lost there honey, anything I can do for you?" She for some reason decided to speak in a British accent. She was sure Jon was about to shout at her before he turned and realised it was her who had spoken. "Sophia?" he asked, his mouth wide but his eyes wider. She moved towards him in a sexy strut, a confidence she had gained by wearing this revealing dress that Gerard convinced her would work for their reunion. She planted her lips on his in a passionate embrace, pulling away only to say "who else?" this time in her own accent. She pulled on his shirt collar as she led him into the boat and away from the prying eyes of the supposedly sleeping occupants on the neighbouring boats. She wasn't entirely sure if Jon was okay with her being here but she knew he was already caught up in the moment, the rest could wait until morning.

Jon's eyes almost vacated his head when he realised he was looking at Sophia, standing infront of him wearing a dress that was barely there. She looked so good in it, her curves accentuated in all the right places. All he wanted to do was rip off the remainder of the dress and claim her body as his own. He could feel his heart begin to race even before she kissed him. As she led him by the shirt onto the boat the questions came flooding to him, why was she here? Is she staying? She doesn't want to know why I was such a dick on the phone? If she's leaving me, it's a funny way to do it. But the questions disappeared as he witnessed the rose petals spread out on the floor and the dinner table already set out and waiting for them. Confusion hit first as she pulled him past the table and followed more petals. Then with a wide eyed expression and a grin he realised he wasn't getting any dinner tonight. Sophia clearly wasn't hungry, well not for food it was clear to see. She was leading him straight to the bedroom. She opened the door to reveal a bed covered in rose petals, the smell filling the air as she let go of his shirt and lay on the bed. Her eyes tracing every inch of his body as she waited for him to come to her. He threw off his shirt and kicked off his shoes as he wrapped himself around her on the bed. He was about to speak when he felt her warm touch to his lips. "Shh. Not tonight Jon," she said before replacing her finger with her lips on his.

Morning came too soon for Sophia. She knew there would be things to talk about but she wasn't going to start the topic. Last night was too perfect to be ruined so soon. She could feel Jon watching her before she opened her eyes, how long had he been staring at me while I slept? She finally opened her eyes, unable to hold off the morning any longer. Jon looked wide awake and wished her good morning with a deep lingering kiss. She could tell there was something on his mind and knew exactly what it was. "Room for one more on this tour?" she asked him with a hopeful expression. The smile, that very smile she loved appeared and that was answer enough for her. He followed by kissing her passionately. His hands reached out to pick up a bundle of petals as he removed the covers to reveal their naked bodies intertwined and let the petals fall on her. She could feel her heart begin to race as his hands reached for her breasts, caressing them with a tenderness she never knew he was capable of. She welcomed his touch, talk was just going to have to wait.

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Sophia's plan worked out - what a great chapter!