Thursday, 29 October 2009

Chapter 28

Sophia sat silently after putting down the phone. The anger in Jon's voice was so powerful it made her feel guilty for something she didn't even do.
"That was short and sweet", Gerard said as he came back into the room. "Loverboy in a hurry?"
Sophia hesitated before speaking, "He wasn't himself. Infact he was extremely pissed off at me and made excuses to get off the phone," she said before breaking down and letting the tears spill. Gerard looked shocked - the last thing he was expecting was her being upset. He wanted to head for the door but found his feet heading towards Sophia and settled down beside her.
"Is that my fault?" Gerard asked as he gently placed his hand on her arms in an attempt to comfort her. She was barely audible through her tears. "It shouldn't have anything...he's being me." He wasn't exactly sure how the words were supposed to go but he got the point, Sophia's relationship was in jeopardy because of her friendship with him. He sat silently assessing the situation while Sophia sobbed in his arms. Eventually he started to speak, "Well this is all my fault so how about I move into a hotel for a while, until you find yourself somewhere else to stay." Sophia looked confused before gathering her senses and shouting at him. "There's no chance in hell I'm letting you move out of your own apartment. Don't be so stupid! This is my mess, I'll figure it out. Plus I like living with you, it's fun. I just need to find a way to get Jon to trust us. Let me think it over," she said as she got up and headed for the door. A long walk would clear her head.

Jon was fuming. He couldn't contain his anger and it was starting to frustrate the rest of the band. Tico had begun eyeing up his drumsticks as though they were deadly weapons that could be of some use tonight. Dave seemed confused at hearing Jon was having trouble with women and took every opportunity to poke fun at him, "The mighty Jon brought to his knees by a woman, classic! Sambora grab the camera, this ones a keeper!" This didn't help his mood any as Richie tried to convince him there was nothing going on between Sophia and Gerard. It was a waste of energy on Richie's part, there was no telling Jon tonight. Everyone was glad when it finally came time to hit the stage and Jon Bongiovi became Jon Bon Jovi. It was the first time since he got together with Sophia that the band welcomed the return of the star and were glad to be free of the real him. Richie watched in awe as Jon was able to block out all the things that were troubling him and put on his face for tonight's show. No matter how many times he witnessed this transformation Richie was always amazed. Jon seemed to be able to pull all the best aspects of his personality together to create a star quality that rivalled the greatest frontmen of all time. All through the show he gave it his all, This is what he lives for, Richie thought as they left the stadium, he just hoped Jon would be in a better place tomorrow.

"Are you nuts!" Rachel screamed at Sophia who was sitting just yards away. "The guy phones up all pissed off with something you haven't done and you want to quit the job you've just started to go on tour with him. Girl, are you felling okay?" Sophia shifted in her chair. She didn't know what kind of reaction to expect from Rachel, however it was Gerard's reaction that shocked her. "Well what are you waiting for? Get packed", was all he had said when she broke the news. It was the only way she felt things would work out between her and Jon. She would tour with them and then convince Jon to move in with her and Gerard so they would get to know each other. As far as she was concerned it was a win-win situation. She got to keep the man she loves and her friend. As she got packed to leave she couldn't help but ask Gerard why he wanted her to go. She waited until Rachel went to get them something to eat before confronting him and was surprised by his reason. There was more to this man than she first thought, making her more eager to keep him as a friend. "I think your doing the right thing. You love this guy, anyone can see that. Your choosing the right path where I chose the wrong one. A couple of years ago I left the woman I loved for my career. Turns out it was one of my biggest mistakes. I could have had it all but I fucked it up. Don't you do the same. Oh and if you ever repeat that, I'll kill you," he said with a wink and a grin and got back to helping with the packing. "And here I thought you were just a big man-whore," Sophia joked. They had a quiet meal together before the three of them set off for the airport to see her off. "I'll be on the phone whenever you need me girl," Rachel shouted as they watched her go. "Do what you gotta do, Soph," Gerard shouted after her. She could hear them squabble as she went. "Your a bad influence on her Butler! Don't you think I don't know you had some part in this mad plan," Rachel accused. "Me? A bad influence? Never," Gerard replied. Sophia couldn't help but giggle. It was a mad plan, but one she hoped would work out.

Jon's mood was only slightly better when he arrived at the stadium the next day. The constant grumbling was replaced by a silent moping for the best part of the afternoon. He was also becoming increasingly annoyed by Richie's overly happy attitude today. He seemed to be swanning around giving Jon the impression that he knew something that Jon didn't or was it just his imagination? Richie could see Jon getting more irritated by his mood and found it increasingly difficult not to spill his secret, afterall he did promise Sophia he wouldn't let him have any idea she was coming to join them. It was the best news he had in a long time and he knew it would mean the end of Jon's bad moods. He did the best he could at arranging the plan Sophia had set for him. He had found a driver to deliver Jon to the harbour after tonight's show and had been to set up the boat himself before picking Sophia up from the airport. It was a difficult task getting things done without Jon's knowledge but so far he had managed it. Now all that was left to do was keep his mouth shut.


Sedona Sunrise said...

So sorry about the huge delay in this chapter arriving got the end all wrote up now so its just a case of typing the rest and I hope to have that done by the end of next week. Hope you enjoy, any guesses where its going yet?

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Joining Jon on the tour was a great idea, I hope Jon appreciates it..