Monday, 15 June 2009

Chapter 27

Sophia was eagerly awaiting Jon's knock on the apartment door. He should have arrived 30 minutes ago. The knock finally arrived and she flew the door open and jumped into his arms. She was sure he had looked miserable at first but the second time she looked at him he had that smile back again, that same one that made her weak at the knees every time. He studied the apartment silently for a minute while Sophia waited for any kind of response to her new place. She didn't get one. Jon told her to sit down and explained that he now only had two days to spend with her since thier tour had gained some extra dates at short notice. Sophia was instantly brought out of her happy mood on hearing the news. She had hoped they could do a lot of things together in the next two weeks. They continued to talk until they were interrupted by Gerard and a girl emerging from his bedroom and showing her out. "You dirty boy! Isn't that the girl from the other nights sister?" Sophia asked as Gerard raided the fridge and shouted hello to Jon at the same time. "She doesn't mind, her sisters coming back tonight," Gerard grinned as he made his way back to his bedroom. "You know I think he's got the right idea," Jon said as he swept Sophia up and headed to the bedroom.

Jon woke up before Sophia the next morning. His head was still full of the visions he was having about Gerard and Sophia and the jealousy was eating at him. Tomorrow he would be on tour and she would be here with him. When Sophia finally woke up they got dressed and headed to the kitchen to make some breakfast. Gerard passed them with another girl whom Jon assumed was yesterdays girls sister. His behaviour reminded him of himself not that long ago and that worried him even more. Gerard joined them in the kitchen to make himself some toast that he took away with him. “Does that guy own a shirt? That’s two days in a row he’s been running around topless”, Jon said as he searched for the milk. Sophia laughed. “Has Jonny-boy got a man crush?” she teased. Jon went red, “He’s just so….” he trailed off unable to think of what to say. “Jon, look at me.” Sophia said as she placed her hands on each side of his face. “I’m not interested in Gerard, it’s you I love so there’s no need to be jealous.” Jon felt his face flush red again. “I’m not jealous, who said that? I’ll kill that Sambora!” Sophia laughed again, “So you are jealous then? Well, don’t worry, Gerard’s leaving tonight anyway.” These words brightened his mood. “You mean Sambora didn’t spill the beans?” Jon asked. “Honey, you done that yourself,” Sophia giggled.

Sophia watched as Jon’s plane took off from the airport. It was going to be a long time before she would see him again and was already looking forward to the phone call he had promised her tomorrow afternoon. It felt like a really long journey home in the car without Jon and she wasn’t looking forward to being stuck in the apartment alone tonight after saying goodbye to the man she loves, not knowing when she’ll next see him. When she got to the apartment she was surprised to find the door already open as she had been sure she locked it. She stepped inside warily looking around for any sign of a disturbance and screamed when she saw Gerard walk out of the bathroom. When he finally finished laughing at her, he managed to explain that his work that was due to start tomorrow had been delayed indefinitely and they sent him home from the airport. Sophia felt unusually grateful for the hold up as Gerard proved to be a should for her to cry on while she told him about how much she was going to miss Jon. She expected him to laugh at her for acting so girly but he was exactly the friend she needed right now, he even cancelled his last minute date to stay in and watch a movie with her while they swapped tales of their lives. It was a distraction she was grateful for.

The next day Jon woke up in his hotel room early and couldn’t wait for noon to arrive to make the call to Sophia. He dialled the number of the apartment and waited for an answer. Someone lifted the phone and he could hear Sophia laughing as a male voice finished a joke before answering. He knew it was Gerard and he also knew he was supposed to be out of town and hearing them laugh like that filled him with rage. He tried as calmly as he could to ask for Sophia and Gerard politely passed over the phone. The two of them spoke for a while, Jon trying to disguise his anger but he couldn’t resist asking, “I thought Gerard was leaving for work last night?” Sophia didn’t think he would have remembered and so was caught off guard by the question, “Yeah, he was at the airport and got a call telling him to go home, filming was delayed or something.” Jon snorted, yeah that sounds believable. He made an excuse to hang up and said goodbye. Well, they weren’t half caught out there! Why lie that he was leaving if there was nothing going on? He thought to himself.


Anonymous said...

Jon you are being too paranoid!...she's not lying to you have some faith...listen to your own song lyrics and Keep the Faith man!!!
Great chapter girl ;) can not wait for the next one

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Poor Jon...serious trust issues here:(
No need to worry about Sophia...worry about Gerard. She loves you and only you!!!

Next chapter very soon please:)


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Great Chapter as always ;) Can't wait for more!!!


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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we have the next chapter ?! I need my fix girl! ;)


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Okay it's September...I'm begging here!! please give us the next chapter soon!!!


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Come on Jon remember what you did to Richie when you only heard half of a conversation............

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Hey Girl!

Hope you can post something to know what happens next.


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This jealousy thing is kind of cute, in a strange way..

Great chapter, I liked it :)