Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Chapter 30

Two months had passed since Sophia had joined the band on tour and it had been a great two months. She saw her sister regularly and got to learn how the tour went from one place to the next. Jon watched her everytime someone explained a part of the tour process to her. She was so interested and always wanted to help out rather than watch. He loved the expressions she made when she was busy and loved how well she got on with the rest of the band. "Alright bud, hows it going?" Richie asked as he joined Jon.
"It's great, shes great, we're great. I'm having the best tour of my life right now," Jon beamed.
"Yeah that's a great girl you got there, not many as independant as her would give up their job to keep you happy," Richie stated.
"The woman does more work around here than half the crew," Jon chuckled, "Yeah shes one of a kind. Still can't believe she's mine."
"I know how you feel. We're two lucky sons of bitches. I'm going to ask Victoria to marry me," Richie grinned. Jon looked surprised, "Really? Well good luck bud, that's great news! When you gonna do it?" Richie thought for a moment, "I'm not sure yet. I'm gonna ask Sophia her opinion on some rings first, need to have it perfect. The ring, the time, the place. I'm gonna get it all sorted." Jon patted him on the back. "Couldn't be happier for you bud!"

Sophia was sitting by the window of the hotels main entrance when she noticed Richie approach. "What you doing out here on your own?" He asked as he sat down beside her.
"I'm scribling. Tico's fault. He said it's a great hobby so thought I'd give it a go," she explained.
"You really bored enough to take Tico's advice?" Richie joked.
Sophia elbowed him. "Be nice. Not bored just Jon's got a lot on his plate with all that business stuff think it's best to get out his way. Don't want to annoy the rest of you's by being a pain in the ass everytime Jon's unavailable."
"You can be a pain in our asses any day girl, your one of us now," Richie reassured her. He started shuffling in his chair and Sophia new exactly what was coming. "Sophia, would you mind...well, I was just wondering...well actually I need your help..." Sophia giggled before saying, "You want the white gold one with the one fancy diamond." Richie looked stunned. "What? How do you? I'm lost." Sophia laughed again. "I've got a lot of time on my hands and I noticed exactly what you were up to. You narrowed it down to three and I agree with they three. The yellow gold with the multiple diamonds, the yellow gold with the giant diamond and the white gold with the one diamond. She'd go for the white gold because she likes to be different but the one diamond because she doesn't like things over the top. But you already knew that, that's why it's circled in your magazine. It's perfect." Richie looked at the floor for a minute, "I'm amazed. You didn't tell her did you? I knida wanted it to be a surprise." Sophia shook her head, "No way. I can't wait for you to ask her. You two were made for each other." Richie beamed as he got up to start planning his moment and thanked Sophia for her help.

Jon got dressed for his interview he would be doing later in the day and decided to head down to the hotel bar where the other guys were going to watch some football. He was feeling refreshed today after a good nights sleep and had some good business news so he joyfully jumped into the seat next to Richie. "Who the hells that guy?" Tico nodded in Jon's direction and asked Dave. "Appears to be some overly happy fucker I've never met before, Tico," Dave replied. All three of them exchanged surprised glances before shrugging their shoulders and ordering up a round of drinks and a cola for Richie. The guys updated him on the game so far and they made the most of Jon's good mood. It was unusual for Jon to drink during the day, especially before an interview but he felt like kicking back and relaxing since the interview was the only thing he had left to do today. He got word that his car had arrived to take him to the studio. Just as he went to leave he met Sophia coming into the bar and planted a huge kiss on her which made her blush and shouted goodbye to everyone.

"Where's he off to in such a good mood?" Sophia asked as she jumped into the seat Jon had previously occupied. "Off to an interview, we're gonna watch it in here since it's apparently live," Richie informed her before asking the bar man to change the channel. They didn't have to wait long before the show started and along came Jon's appearance. He was only there to plug the tour and the new single but he was going all out today. He was joking around with the interviewer and having more fun than he normally did during these things. Sophia could tell he had been drinking but it wasn't obvious enough for others to notice. The four of them were cheering Jon on, his mood being infectious today. Then came the part Sophia hadn't been expecting no matter how much Jon had to drink. The interviewer mentioned how much of a fan the weather girl was and asked him if he would give her a birthday kiss. Jon obliged and instead of giving the woman a polite kiss he went in full on. Sophia could hear Dave and Tico cheer Jon on but she couldn't focus on anything for the shock of what she had just witnessed on live t.v. It had took her a couple of minutes to realise that her hand was in Richie's and he was speaking, "You know he didn't mean that right? He wouldn't do anything to hurt you. That was clearly just for publicity," She knew Richie was just trying to defend his friend but in that moment she didn't believe a word he said.


Alina said...
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Alina said...

Well drinking before an interview and kissing the weather girl isn't exactly what each of them had in mind, especially Sophia. She is the one to be annoyed now..

It was a great chapter honey ;)

(I made a little mistake in the last post with the plot, I'm sorry ;) )