Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Chapter 31

The silence that fell on the room made Sophia feel sick. The realisation of what Jon had just done seemed to have hit the rest of the viewers in the bar and Sophia felt like all eyes were on her. She was only vaguely aware that she was moving as Richie guided her our of the bar and up to his room. She sat on one of the chairs in silence and could hear Richie on the phone to Jon, "You've got a lot of explaining to do bud. You've really fucked up so hurry your ass back here." He sat down opposite Sophia and asked if she was okay. "Yeah, I think so. I was just taken by surprise. Wasn't really expecting that to happen," she mumbled. "Did he really do that for fans or was there something else to it? I'm a little confused here Richie. He wanted me here to keep an eye on me but he's allowed to go kissing whoever he wants on t.v. as long as it's for the fans sake." Richie shuffled in his seat, clearly uncomfortable with the situation. "Yeah, that's not fair but I don't think he did it to hurt you. You know Jon, a real crowd pleaser. Sometimes doesn't realise there are limits."

Jon knocked on Richie's door feeling nervous. He hadn't realised Sophia would have taken the kiss so badly. It was only a bit of entertainment, the kind of things the fans love to see. Hell, that's why he was on the show to get them noticed and get some publicity. Although he didn't realise it may have backfired on him when swarms of journalists outside the studio were branding him a cheat and coming up with all sorts of stories of how he had broken up with Sophia. The newspapers would definitely make an interesting read tomorrow. Richie let Jon in but he barely acknowledged his presence as he rushed towards Sophia. He heard the door click as Richie slid outside. "I'm so sorry babe. I thought it would be fun for the fans. I never considered you'd be mad," he said as he threw his arms around her. "You really think this is about me being mad now? I can't believe you never considered how I would feel! Do you know how stupid you've made me look! 'Hey, look theres that girl that lets her boyfriend run around with other women.' Great Jon, thanks for that," she shrugged out of his embrace. Jon continued to apologise until Sophia began to calm down. "You know I've got to sell the idea of the band, everything I do is for us, babe. I flirt with all the female interviewers, you know that. I know now that I went too far today and I promise I will never do that again. I love you, Sophia," he said and she melted to his charm and accepted.

They went back to their room to let Richie into his again and get ready for tonight's party. They had only a few days left here and were going to make the most of it before the next gig so they had arranged a big party for all the crew. Sophia wasn't really in the mood for a party but knew Jon had been looking forward to it and now that they had sorted things out she didn't see the harm in going. It would be the best time to show people they were still together after Jon's antics today. She hated the camera's but for one night only she was willing to put on a show for them and that required looking her best so as soon as she had dinner she started to get ready. Jon was patiently waiting as she applied the finishing touches to her make up and they made their way to the car hand in hand and smiling at the photographers waiting outside the hotel. Well, he certainly got the publicity he wanted, Sophia thought as she smiled her way through the experience.

Inside the club where the party was being held has an enthusiastic atmosphere. Everyone was looking for a good night tonight and even Jon himself was eager to let his hair down. He found them seats in beside Richie and some of the crew before going to get some drinks in for them. He didn't know if it was his imagination but he felt as though Sophia was watching him suspiciously all night, especially when he began chatting to two beautiful girls at the bar while he waited on the drinks. He decided he would ignore it for now, tonight was going to be enjoyable, no matter who wanted to ruin it.

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Alina said...

I would have bet she wouldn't forgive him that fast. But his charm, like you explained, let her melt - that's a dangerous weapon!