Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Chapter 21

Saturday arrived and Jon had woken up before his alarm clock. He had trouble sleeping while his mind raced through thoughts of how he wanted today to go. He got out of bed and got washed and dressed while thinking about all that had to be done before he arranged for Sophia to be picked up and brought to their destination. He wasn’t sure if she’d like the boat but it was a place he loved and wanted to spend some time with her there. It was a place he could hide away from all things showbiz and be himself - the perfect place for today. He made his way down to the boat to make sure he had everything he wanted as he wasn’t planning on stopping off again until it was time to take Sophia home. He had given the staff the day off except for the captain and the chef who was preparing a meal beforehand so that he could leave on Sophia’s arrival and they would only have to stick it in the oven. Jon spent his time tidying up in an obsessive compulsive manner before he called his driver to pick up Sophia and make the journey to the boat.

Sophia was watching from her apartment window for Jon’s arrival. When the car pulled up and Jon wasn’t there she felt a little disappointed but it only made her more curious as to what he had planned. She was quiet for most of the journey as her mind ran through all the possibilities until the car turned towards a long line of boats. She immediately noticed Jon standing in front of a very luxurious boat smiling at her and she felt her heart flutter. This wasn’t one of the things she had been expecting but her surprised was overshadowed by seeing Jon waiting there for her, he looked so good as the sun emphasized his muscular frame. She almost felt wobbly as she made her way towards him and he greeted her with a polite yet hungry kiss and helped her onto the boat. Sophia was amazed at the beauty of the boat during the day and was fascinated by the scenery they witnessed as they sailed but nothing could have prepared her for the beauty of the whole setting by the time the sun had gone down. They had got on so well the whole day just enjoying each others company and had a laugh trying to cook the dinner the chef had left them. As they sat eating the meal Sophia couldn’t keep her eyes from wandering. The boat looked magical on the dark sea, as the sunlight had disappeared romantic lights placed all over the boat had taken their place, there was music playing and best of all Jon was sitting opposite her enjoying himself as much as she was. Dinner ended and they talked for a long time while enjoying some fabulous wine together until Jon asked her to dance. She was more than happy to accept and they slow danced to the music that had been playing. Three songs later Sophia recognised the tune of the song starting and laughed, “We’re kinda haunted by that song. But I suppose “When Love and Hate Collides” it is quite appropriate for us.”
“Love? I knew you hated me Sophia but I’m more than flattered that you love me,” Jon replied teasingly. Sophia flushed red and stopped dancing as she realised what she had just said and started to protest. Jon pulled her close to him and gently lifted her chin up so she was looking him in the eye. “I’m falling in love with you too Sophia Tallarico,” he said before leaning in to touch his lips to hers in a passion filled kiss.

Her mouth met his, hungry and demanding and both intoxicated by the taste of each other. Her hands caressed his body as Jon’s hands found the zipper on the back of her dress and let it fall at her feet. He allowed his hands to wander and take in every inch of her body as she reached to undress him. They made their way to a room where Jon lay her on the bed before joining her and leaving a trail of kisses down her body and then focused on her neck. He whispered low and seductively in her ear, “A whisper is such a powerful thing, it forces the person your talking with to whisper back and it heightens the senses as you have to focus to hear it,” he said while continuing to kiss her neck. “What are you talking about?” Sophia whispered back to him. Jon let a quiet chuckle escape and the feel of his breath on her body sent shivers through her. “You just proved my point about the whisper,” he said quietly, bringing his mouth back to hers more passionately this time. His hands traced her body, cupping her breasts then moving further down they trailed her thighs and finally found the warmth between her legs. She quickly stopped him, forcing him to turn over as she manoeuvred to position herself on top of him. “My turn,” she said as she teasingly trailed her tongue down his muscular chest and stomach. He knew exactly where she was headed so she took her time to reach her destination, kissing him all around his erect cock before finally allowing him to feel the warmth and wetness of her mouth closing around him and he groaned. She let her tongue dance around him as he enjoyed the sensation and his breathing became heavy. He forced himself to stop her and decided he was taking charge. He held her by the wrists as he turned her over so that she was under him again. He teased her with kisses all over her body, allowing himself to take in her scent. Finding the wetness between her legs he slipped a finger inside her as his mouth took hers. Finally he lowered his mouth and let himself taste her, slowly and expertly, letting her moans guide him. His hands traced her body and her back arched in delight. She wrapped her arms around him, she needed him inside her now and he was more than ready to oblige. Both their hearts were pounding with desire as he entered her and they began to move slowly together. Soon the pace quickened as they gave in to their desire, allowing the pleasure to intoxicate them. They felt the sweet pressure build and build until they were both reached an intense orgasmic peak and they collapsed on the bed. Jon held Sophia close as they lay together on the bed with their hearts continuing to pound.

Morning had arrived and Jon and Sophia woke up to the sound of birds high above them. They stayed in the bed for a long time without saying a word to each other, they were totally at peace in the moment and still caught up in their thoughts about last night. Jon held Sophia close with her head resting on his chest as his head touched hers. Jon couldn’t believe how well yesterday had gone, he wasn’t sure if they would be able to get along when they had nothing to do never mind have her stay the night. He knew now that he was going to continue seeing Sophia no matter what the consequences may be. He had become so used to living his life in the spotlight that he didn’t think he would find anyone who liked him as himself and to find someone who could bring out the person he used to be was a real bonus. Since the band became big he just assumed he would only date famous women since that seemed to be the way things go. There was no chance he was going to let Sophia sneak away, famous or not, he was certain he was falling in love with her even more so after last night. He finally made a move to get out of bed and went to find something for them to eat for breakfast. After spending 10 minutes staring blankly at the fridge, Sophia joined him and helped him make the breakfast that they enjoyed in the morning sun on the top of the boat.

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It's great that Jon is sure about Sophia now. I'm convinced both will have a great time together.

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