Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Chapter 25

Six weeks later Jon found himself sitting at his dining room table surrounded with Sophia, Richie and Victoria. This had become a regular thing ever since they returned from New Jersey but tonights meal would be their last together for a while as they were all due to leave for work the next day. Jon and Richie were starting the ball rolling with t.v. interviews for their new album that was going to take them all over the country in the next few weeks. Victoria had found herself a permanent job in LA and Sophia was heading to a movie set in Chicago for her next job. Jon wasn't sure what it would be like to leave Sophia for so long since they had been so close recently. He ate his food silently while studying Sophia for any signs that she was feeling the same way. He couldn't help but notice the difference between Victoria and Richie's behaviour compared with himself and Sophia. Victoria and Richie seemed to savour every moment together before they had to leave in the morning while there seemed to be a lack of any kind of feeling between him and Sophia. Was he imagining this? He wondered. It was then that the panic hit him. He couldn't come to any other conclusion but that she was going to leave him.

"Hey, Jon! You okay? Looks like you just seen a ghost," Richie said. Sophia moved her attention to Jon, he was sitting with his mouth hanging open as though something astonishing had been revealed only to him. Sophia couldn't help but giggle, "Please share, it looks like it's gonna be interesting." Jon shot a glance at all three of them that Richie interpreted as a signal to leave as he made excuses for his and Victoria's departure. Sophia turned serious, "Did I miss something here?" Jon took a while before he spoke, "Are you breaking up with me?" Sophia looked dumbstruck, "No, I wasn't planning to. Is that what you want?"
"Hell no! I just thought you were being a bit off tonight and with us both leaving in the morning and then I was watching Vic and Richie and we were nothing like them tonight and..." Jon continued to babble. "Wow, hold it right there, since when have we ever been like they two? I'm not going anywhere tonight so your stuck with me," Sophia said as she moved in to kiss Jon and found the way to the bedroom.

Jon wrapped his arms around Sophia's naked body as they lay in bed. "I'm sorry about earlier, I don't know what I was thinking. I just going to miss you in the next few weeks and then theres the tour after that. I'll be away for ages," he whispered in her ear. Sophia lay her head on his chest, "You know I'm gonna miss you too but you have to come and see me in Chicago when you get the chance and we have the phone to keep in touch. I'll be glued to that." Jon held her tight, "You know, you are amazing. You've gave me back my passion for music that I love rather than writing stuff I don't care about. Even Richie and the guys noticed the difference when we were writing and they love the new album too. I just hope the fans will like it." Sophia giggled, "Ofcourse the fans will like it! You could probably wear a grass skirt and do the hula and they would still love it!" Jon snorted, "I was being serious." Sophia laughed again, "Yeah and so was I." Jon couldn't help but laugh at her, she had put him into a playful mood now and decided to tickle her. She gave as good as she got and rested her head back on his chest when they calmed down again. "Seriously though. The music is great, even I like it this time, it shows when music comes from the heart and what I like about this album is how truthful it is." Jon wrapped his arms around her waist as they drifted off to sleep.

Sophia shot out of bed when she woke up, they had slept in. She was throwing the remainder of her clothes into a suitcase and bags while trying to get dressed and attempting to wake Jon up. If he didn't hurry he was going to miss his flight. Eventually he got up and started grumping about and fixing his own case. He really wasn't the happiest person to be around in the morning and if he missed his flight the temper was only going to get worse. Sophia almost threw his coffee at him as she continued to frantically complete all tasks at the same time. The taxi had turned up at the door before they had even got shoes on, causing Jon to curse and shout. They threw thier stuff in the back and made their way to the airport. With the time being short their goodbye was short and sweet as Jon grabbed his bag and only just made it on time. Sophia was waiting for the call to board the plane when she got a text from Jon that made her day: Richie's just raided my bag looking for my ipod only to find a collection of fancy ladie's underwear. I've lifted your bag instead and now the fucker's gonna have me known as the cross dressing rockstar at all these interviews. Please feel my pain as I suffer the teasing from him for the rest of my life. Sophia couldn't control her laugh as she made her way to the departure gate thinking about Richie teasing Jon, knowing it's not something he would forget anytime soon. She text him back: Well thank you for having me carted away by the men in white coats! I'm getting funny looks since your last text as caused me to be unable to stop laughing.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I love you for this!!!! Thanks for the new chapter:)


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Haha!! Richie will SO not let Jon live that down for a long while. These two are really sweet together.

More soon please!!!:)


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Wonderful chapter and I agree Jon won't get off scot free with this lol.

Post some more soon!!!


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It was a great chapter, I guess Richie won't stop making fun of Jon for a while :p