Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Chapter 33

Richie and Gerard exchanged another concerned look. Jon hadn't uttered a word for the last 30 minutes and they were getting worried. Richie had been trying to get him to tell them what had happened but he still sat there, head in his hands. Gerard nudged Richie out the way and planted a firm hand on Jon's shoulder yanking him up. "Would you just get over yourself and tell us what the fuck you did to her!" His voice was fierce and threatening.
"She's really upset. I...I have to find her," he said as he stood up. "But where is she? Where would she go?" Oh, I really fucked up big this time." Gerard sighed, trying to keep calm, "So what happened then?" Jon found his voice again, "I saw you with the brunette earlier, I thought it was Sophia and I lost the plot. I took some girl up to the room and she came in while we were in bed. She looked so heart broken, the hurt in her eyes was so visible and then she ran off." Jon could hear Gerard trying to keep his voice calm, he could tell he wanted to take his head off but his priority was finding Sophia. "We've got to find her," Jon said and they all nodded in agreement. "I've got an idea where she might be," Gerard said and motioned for them to follow him.

The three of them jumped into Gerard's car outside the hotel. Richie jumped in the drivers seat since he was the only sober one amongst them. They followed Gerard's directions as he told them she might be at an outdoor ice rink that was famous in this town. Richie and Jon were sceptical that they would find her here but Gerard was determined. He told them about the stories she would tell of her family at the local ice rink near their home every Christmas. He said that she used to go there when she was feeling down because it would always cheer her up. Jon couldn't think of any time she told him this story but Gerard assured him she had, he even remembered that Jon's story about the ice rink was when he broke into one in New York. "How do you remember all this stuff?" Jon asked, sounding impressed. Gerard shrugged, "Just do."

They pulled up at the side of the road near the ice rink and they spotted her sitting alone on a bench. Jon made to get out of the car and when no-one followed he asked, "You coming?" Gerard and Richie both shook their heads. "This is your funeral bud, I'm not going down with the ricochet bullet," Richie half joked.
"I'm sorry I was such a dick, Gerard. Your actually quite a good guy," Jon said as he left to speak with Sophia. He didn't know what to say to her so walked slowly and sat down on the bench beside her. "I'm so sorry Sophia," he blurted. "I saw Gerard in the bar all over some girl that looked like you and got the wrong idea and acted like a total jerk. I don't know why I did it, it just hurt seeing you with another guy. I know now that it wasn't you and I'm unbelievably sorry. Could you ever forgive me? I really don't want to lose you! I love you too much for that!" Sophia sighed before she spoke in a cold, harsh tone. "You know what hurts the most Jon. Knowing you thought I was capable of cheating. You were expecting it. I stood outside that bedroom door and I knew exactly what was going on inside it but I had to look Jon. I just had to look incase I had made some kind of mistake and that wasn't you in there with her. All it took for you to call me the guilty party was seeing some girl from the back, you never even seen her face. I knew what your lifestyle was like when I chose to date you, I knew what all the flirting was like, the long hours you spend dealing with business, the fans throwing themselves at you. I even quit my job and almost lost a friend just to please you and even forgave you for humiliating me on live t.v. but this is just too much Jon. I can't handle it, it's killing me. Everything I gave up for you and you go and fuck the nearest slut around just cause your feeling hurt. You could have came to me. I've booked a flight home for tomorrow morning so this is goodbye. I've had some wonderful times with you Jon, but I can't handle it anymore," she finished her part and the seconds they sat in silence felt like hours. Sophia stood up and her voice began to crack, "I love you with my whole heart Jon Bongiovi. Goodbye." She kissed him on the cheek and walked away, the tears flowing once more.

Jon stayed on the bench. He couldn't focus, he wanted to run after her, to change her mind, to prove her could change but his legs or lips couldn't seem to follow the command. He was frozen to the spot. Forced to believe this relationship was over. His eyes welled up and the stream began to flow. He sat on the bench until dawn, a broken man. Richie or Gerard never came for him, they left him to take it all in. No-one disturbed him as people began to pass on their way to work or with their dogs, he was alone despite all the people around him.

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Alina said...

It's sad that they broke up. But it is exactly what Jon deserves for cheating on Sophia.

I'm curious how this story will end.